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If you could do your username over, would you?

Asked by cinnamonk (5402points) January 30th, 2017
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I’m starting to dislike my username a lot. It’s not creative at all. And it’s not even accurate! At least two members here know me by name.

Do you like your Fluther username? If you could rename yourself on Fluther, what would you choose for your new name?

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You can do it over. Contact the mods and work with them.

As to what I would choose, I really don’t know. I like being a big dog. Woof.

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I like my username, but I can see why you might want to change yours. The mods can change it for you once.

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@Hawaii_Jake I like your username too.

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You can see what I chose, and I am happy with it.
You would do better to request suggestions for what would fit you.
I vote MEGAphone.

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I like mine.
Yes you can change yours and keep your lurve. Once.
Maybe if you changed your avatar to a less generic picture too?

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But I like my…thing.

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I would change mine but I won’t because it is “me” at this point.

@AnonymousAccount8: Another thing you can do to personalize your profile is to add some details to your profile page.

jca (36054points)“Great Answer” (2points)
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You are not stricken with shyness or voicelessness so far as I can see.
You express yourself with gusto.
I think it fits.
Don’t you like it?

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@Patty_Melt That was much nicer than I expected. I thought you were calling me a loudmouth.

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::Ahem:: Well she was, but nicely.

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This is my “do over” name, I created a new account. My point accumulation felt like a burden so I shed it.

It was an off the cuff choice. I’m not enamored with it. It’s okay.

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It’s a good name, Jay.

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Thank you.

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You can change it once. We have a few jellies who have done it.

I like your name. Although, my favorites are ones that are under 5 letters, because if I’m on the mobile site the names don’t pop up automatically.

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Happy with mine – have dropped a B in real life since I joined but janbb still works for me.

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You can change it once without justification, contact a mod. They will tell you that in your profile, you should let people know what the old username was so they know who you are, at least for like a week or so. This is what I was told when I got mine changed.

If you want to change it again after that though, you need a good reason. Or so that was back in the Auggie days, must probably still apply. If not, I’m sure a mod will elaborate.

Changed mine from Symbeline to Berserker. Happy with that shit.

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Like everyone has said, you can change it if you’d like. The details are all there in @Berserker‘s answer. The specific amount of time we ask you to keep your old username in your profile is two weeks. Exceptions are only made when there are serious privacy concerns.

@janbb I just figured the extra “b” stood for “badass” these days.

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jan b b, for jan bitchin’ badass

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@SavoirFaire and @AnonymousAccount8 You got that right!

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My username describes me perfectly. As far as I know there are no other California Golden Bear fans on this site, so I am a rare bear.

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I like my name. I liked my old name too but I felt I wanted a new start. I don’t mind your name Anony.

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my name’s just kind of bland. I’ll consider changing it.

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My username is a relic from my AiROW days (the site I used before Fluther). I brought it to Fluther because I wanted my AiROW buddies to be able to recognize me. I joined AiROW when I was like 13 and for some reason liked the name Mariah a lot. Not so fond of it anymore, but it’d feel weird to change, and I wouldn’t want people to be confused about who I am.

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Yes, I was calling you a loudmouth, nicely. I did not mean it cruelly. I have lots of loudmouth friends.
Some are comfortable expressing themselves loudly, and without backing down. That can be a quality or a drawback, and so can not being heard.
If it is you, own it.

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I got tired of calling myself “Yet Another User”, and someone started referring to me as Strauss because of my musical background. So I did my one-time (maybe) do-over.

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I came back to Fluther after a bit of a hiatus. I still liked my former username but it no longer seemed quite apt enough a description. I came up with a new username and sat on it for a while, debating whether I would like it long-term.

When I went ahead with the change, I contacted a mod (who was on the site at the same time, it turned out) and they were quite helpful. In a matter of minutes I realized my username was different (all shiny and new)!

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I don’t know why but I’m leaning toward “butter” for a new name.

I’ll see how I feel about it tomorrow.

Edit: Ach! it’s taken!

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Yeah, I don’t much like mine. Maybe I should contact the Mods…

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I changed mine. I was Seek_Kolinahr but no one could spell it and everyone just called me Seek anyway, so I jettisoned the Vulcan word.

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what does kolinahr mean?

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Kolinahr is the attainment of perfect logic.

Vulcan mental Nirvana.

I’m more of a Romulan, anyway.

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The name I use here is my do-over. I’ve been using another name on the internet for about 20 years. I felt like I needed something fresh when I arrived here.

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I created mine with no thought at all not expecting to be here for long. I don’t like it and I’ll maybe get around to changing it some day.

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^ But what other name would you choose?

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I’ve not settled on one yet. Maybe I’ll stick with what I’ve got to avoid confusion.

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^^ It is nice when people stick with the same names – life is confusing enough!

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I like the sound of saying flutherother.

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I like confusing janbb. :P

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@raum Oh well – some confusion is good for the soul!

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^I thought chicken soup was good for the soul?

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@chyna You’re right! You can see how confused I am!

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how about “motherfluther?”

Edit: I bet it’s already taken.

Edit #2: It’s already taken.

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But is chicken soup ever confusing?

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How about Bananarama?
Wait, no, Jack_knife…
Nahhhh, tapioca.

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Maybe Cinnamon, but with a K, if I were to change it. I like my name and I think it suits me.

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@Kardamom Cinnamonk?

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Nah, mine was given no thought at all, first random crap that came to mind when I first joined.
I love it & would never consider changing.

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I won’t change mine for sure..Faced the same problem on another Q&A site where I had selected default username offered to me which I regretted later. But I like the one I have chosen here.

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I am happy with mine.

So @AnonymousAccount8 what would you cahnge? Would you be AnonymousAccount 9 ?

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Shorten it to AA?

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I kind of like Cinnamonk actually.

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Sounds like a reddish brown primate.
Kinda cute.

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@cinnamonk. Good name!

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<—- Pretty comfortable with it.

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Happy cinnamonk day!

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Cinnamonk! Suites you!

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Sup, ‘Monk.

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O Cinnamonk where you gonna run to?

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