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Know any tech news sites that don't get political?

Asked by Lost_World (1231points) February 2nd, 2017
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I’m a long time reader of Gizmodo and The Verge type tech sites, but recently they have been over loaded with political rubbish from the US.

Can anyone recommenced some tech news sites that actually stick to tech?

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I can’t verify the “stick to tech”-ness—I don’t read tech sites regularly—but I know some other sites are,, and,, and Some of them seemed to have political headlines on the front page, but that may just be par for the course right now…. All of the sites seem to have other content to read as well, it just might require a bit more clicking around in some case. The silicon valley’s tech culture is directly affected by many of the changes in politics, so many people and companies are trying to figure out how to respond. Actually, I don’t think there are many US-centered news organizations of any variety that aren’t covering a bunch of politics right now… Maybe someone else knows better, though.

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Thanks for those. Engadget seems the most decent.

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I follow these via RSS feeds. Except for Ars Technica and the BBC, they’re PC- and phone-tech heavy.

Ars and BBC are more wide-ranging.

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Ars has a UK version.

There is some Trump Sanitorum that leaks through but it isn’t nearly as much as the US site.

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What about ?

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