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Did you know, you might have cocaine in your pocket?

Asked by cheebdragon (20114points) August 8th, 2008
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“Paper money contains high traces of cocaine, regardless of whether or not the paper money came into direct contact with the drug. And U.S. bills take the top spot, covered in the greatest amount of the illegal powder, while Spanish notes are the most highly contaminated in Europe, a new study finds.”

“U.S. bills contained an average of between 2.9 and 28.8 micrograms of cocaine depending on the year and city, with a maximum of more than 1,300 micrograms found on some 1996 bills. ”


I didnt think we had that many cocaine addicts in the U.S., did you?

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Absolutely this seems true. Just last week I got a dollar back from a restaurant that had small dark stains spaced out along the top edge of the bill. This would be consistent with a nosebleed from doing coke. I was shocked at the bill and didn’t want to pay for anything with it, lest someone think that I was the cocaine user.

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Is THAT what that is? I thought my pixie sticks were leaking!

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This gives us even more reason to use dollar bills as rolling paper. I heard this a few years ago and doubted that it was true. The reason, if I remember correctly, was to aide search dogs in finding stashes of money. I guess cocaine was easier for them to sniff out but I have never gotten a chance to ask any dogs to confirm this. Anyone know why they do this?

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No money, no problem there!

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I don’t think there’s an conspiracy about why people use rolled up bills to sniff crystal meth and cocaine. They are the right size. They are easy to roll up. They are convenient. And someone always has one.

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No I don’t…

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I didn’t say everybody always has one. I said ‘somebody’ always has one.

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(I was replying to the question)

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My mistake. Sorry about the confusion.

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Well, considering that cocaine is easily one of the most addictive drugs readily available, it wouldn’t surprise me that we have that many addicts hanging around.

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She don’t like, she don’t like, she don’t like…

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@loser- LOL that took me a second to get….....but I think you mean “she don’t lie she don’t lie, she don’t lie”?

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I can only hope!

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