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Is i really rude to try and make Friday night dinner plans when it is Friday at 1:30?

Asked by AmyClaire (31points) August 8th, 2008
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nope…why would it be rude? unless you you’re talking about 1:30 am on a Friday…that would be rude to wake someone up at 1:30am to make dinner plans.

it’s not really rude as much as it could be inconvenient. although, i usually don’t make my dinner plans until I leave work on a friday

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Well maybe not REALLY rude, but certainly inconvenient. I suppose it will depend on with whom you wish to make arrangements. If it’s someon laid back and easy going, then maybe they won’t see it as rude. But if it’s someone like me (LOL) who needs to plan everything (LOL) I’d probably have to turn you down.

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It depends. Not really with friends, if you are feeling spontaneous, but you need to expect that a lot of people will be busy.

If one person (a date or a friend) does it to you regularly, you might suspect that you are a fall back person for them. In that case, I would either say something like, “Sorry, I’m busy. You’ll probably need to call earlier in the week if you want to get together” or just keep saying no.

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I don’t think so, I make plans last minute with good friends all the time. I did say “good friends” so it also depends on who your asking to dinner last minute.

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That depends, is Babo invited?

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Babo! You’re invited tonight, my place! :)

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That wouldn’t bother me so much. However, I have a friend who will call at 6:30 and ask us to come over for dinner. Honestly, by that time, we’ve already had dinner and are relaxing for the night. She always gets upset when we say we’ve already eaten.

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Nope, I love last minutes plans, like I’m watching tv with my pj’s and a mug of chocolate and somebody calls screaming out loud, “we are missing you here!” there is no such thing as a late plan :)

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:) yep let’s invite babo he is so cool! especially his avatar

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No, I don’t think it’d be rude. As long as neither (or any) of you is doing anything and don’t have some other plans that would conflict with dinner. It’s all gravy – maybe with some mashed potatoes, green beans, and grilled chicken as well.

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no, it’s not rude, but it’s stressful on the last-minute planner. what sounds like a good idea turns out to be an ordeal as you go into high gear cleaning up for “company” (there’s a difference) and getting dinner prepared just right. my in-laws always come up with dinner party ideas at the last minute which always leads to food eaten as soon as it gets ready, “when is it going to be ready?” and “you haven’t put that chicken on the grill yet?”

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@flameboi babo is a girl!

No, I don’t think it would be rude to ask last minute, but it would be rude if they didn’t take no for an answer if you already have other plans.

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Just do it

As the 80s Nike slogan went.

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@scamp thank you
Sorry, babo sounds more like a guy than a girl, my bad ;s but I still think your avatar is soo cool!

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No, at least you got it done. (didn’t you?) If someone thinks it is… then let them do the planning next time around.

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