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Have you taken guitar lessons online?

Asked by imrainmaker (8380points) February 25th, 2017
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If so was it helpful? Which site / resource you would like to recommend for a beginner?

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Personally I feel one on one lessons are the best. I started out with a couple of beginner-intermediate mel bay videos when I was a kid back in the late 80’s. I took lessons from the local hairband guitar hero for a few years and then from the local classical vituoso for a couple years after that. Having a real teacher was the way to go. I personally think online when beginning and a real teacher at intermediate is the way to go. Once you have more or less mastered intermediate basics it’s much easier to back to learning online. That’s what I would do but it’s all about what works for you.

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Steve Stein of Guitar Zoom presents some really solid how to’s that if you follow and practice you should advance very quickly on guitar. I love his acoustic lessons.

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I’ve learned songs (banjo, not guitar) by watching online videos. But I also have a teacher.

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^^Banjo is awesomeness^^

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@Cruiser You and my wife have different definitions of “awesomeness”.

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You can get skype lessons, I have a friend who gives them.

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