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What are some tactics you use when playing Words With Friends?

Asked by Dutchess_III (45733points) March 12th, 2017
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I wonder why some people are so bad and others are out of this world amazing! I’m somewhere in the middle.

On an opening move, if I can’t hit the DW I play the shortest 2 letter, low point word as an opening, thinking it will restrict their next move. That’s one I use, but I’m not sure if that’s even a good move.

So talk to me! I have a couple of people I’m Jonesing to beat and I can’t! One of them lives here.

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I don’t care about my first move very much, except that I try to lay down the word so the opponent can’t use the triple letter with a high point letter.

My two top strategies are high scoring words and not opening up triples to my opponent.

Hi scoring words does not mean big words, it means using the board to get high points. Getting two words in one turn and using doubles and triples.

Always try to put the Q, X, or J on at least a triple if not a quadruple. Sometimes a double is the only possibility, but it’s disappointing.

Quadruples are when you get to count a double twice because you made two words.

Know the two letter words. EN, EM, EL, LA, FA, EF, QI, JO, AE, AI, XI, XU just to name a few.

Know the Q words without a U. QAT, QI.

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I know all of that, but there has to be something more! Something I’m just not getting. I sent this to the evil Jelly in question, who just blows me out of the water. She’s hiding.

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The brute force method is my go-to tactic.

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I think some people cheat. If someone comes up with a bunch of fantastic words never seen before, then it’s very suspicious to me.

Also, I wonder if you can ask the fame for hints where to place your tiles? I’ve never looked for it, but I know a while back I played some sort of scrabble game where you could get a clue from the computer the best place to put your tiles on the board.

I’m sure some people just have an incredible vocabulary, count the letters (I used to count sometimes in scrabble, but I have no idea in words with friends how many of each letter there is, I’ve never bothered to figure it out) and they think three moves ahead. Umm it saying everyone who beats me by a large margin over and over is cheating.

One opponent used to kill it. Scoring wildly crazy high scores. I stopped playing with him, because there was no contest. About a year later we played some more and suddenly the incredible words had disappeared.

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The person I’m referring to does not cheat. I’d stake my asshole cat’s life on it.

There are tons of cheats out there @JLeslie. I refuse to use any of them, including the “hints.”

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LOL @Darth_Algar! Yeah. I feel ya!

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I believe the person you are referring to doesn’t cheat. The person I referred to who went from words with friends genius to a normal competitor had to have been cheating.

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I quit playing a gal who I knew was cheating. I was playing her sister and she told me, after i asked her what was up. What fun is it if you use a cheat?

I see the chicken still hasn’t shown up! I should have said she only lives here part time now.

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^^Oh, so there is a specific jelly who you know is cheating who you are waiting for on this Q? Interesting.

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No, she does NOT cheat. I wouldn’t play her if I thought she was cheating. She’s just an incredible player. There are some people who are just amazing and I want to know their thought process.

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Ok, got it. I think I might know who you are talking about.

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I think I’m the non-cheater jelly in question, lol.

The game just seems to come naturally to me. I mean, I do try to make the most of doubles, triples and playing multiple words in one turn. I’m not just willy-nilly about it, but I don’t think I have any actual strategy, either. I just know a lot of words and try to score as many points as possible on each turn, while trying not to give my opponent a high scoring opportunity.

That said, I’m nowhere near the best player out there. I play a couple of people who beat me on a regular basis!

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@augustlan I think you also have magic powers, because when I play you I almost always get the crappies to letters possible.

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Yeah. That’s the scientific realization @JLeslie and I came to about playing you. You’re magic, damnit!

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@augustlan Do you think much about your plays?

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@Dutchess_III I’ll tell you when your making “mistakes” if you want? Above I already told you the strategies I use. I taught someone else how to play, after beating her badly over and over again, and now she beats me. It only took about two games to show her, and then within a short time she improved her game dramatically.

But, if you can get Auggies secrets then that would be even better than what I can teach you.

Edit: I just looked back at our current game and we are practically tied. So, I probably can’t give you many pointers.

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Sure. Tell me of my mistakes.

Lord, I’m playing a woman now who doesn’t have single solitary clue how to play. I’m pretty sure she doesn’t know what the TW, TL, DW and all that is. I tried to say something early on and she just bristled. I tried to quit playing her, but she kept coming. So I just beat her regularly, 300 to 175. I use the games as practice time.

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^^I have a friend like that, but she is a real life, I’ve known her for years, friend, so I play if she wants to play.

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I don’t even know who this person is! But she really wants to play so I just put my frustration away and play.

I was on a cold streak for about 2 weeks. I don’t know what it was, but it seems to have lifted. It’s curious how that happens. Sometimes I can’t lose, no matter what, sometimes I can’t win no matter what!

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