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Is there a help group for people who suffer from confirmation bias?

Asked by rojo (24179points) March 13th, 2017
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As asked.

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Aside from explaining what confirmation bias is to them and why they are experiencing it…no.

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That seems circular – not sure who would even come to these groups?

If you have confirmation bias, you are unlikely to admit that you have a problem, because the fact of acknowledging it would mean that you don’t have confirmation bias.

Infinite loop.

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Teaching and encouraging critical thinking. Even people that I know who appreciate and use critical thinking fail to apply it when accused of bias, so it can’t just be an awareness, it has to be motivated. So, we have to make critical thinking cool. It should be equated with status, so that people want to think more critically.

Is that likely to happen? No, of course not, but I think it would work if it did. :)

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You’d have to admit every person on earth.

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I misread the question. I read “help for a group…”

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The thing about support groups is that they enable a person to identify their problem as something that others have dealt with/addressed in a healthy manner.

A “confirmation bias” group would be people sitting around and saying, “yes, we agree with you!”

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I don’t know, but if I go looking for it, I’m sure I’ll find one.

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I went through Confirmation as a Catholic rite when I was 14. I have no bias about it now. If there were a group of people dealing with Confirmation bias, it would seem a useless endeavor.

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What thee hell is conformation bias?

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Thank you @rojo.
Well, just like anything else people have to recognize that there is a problem before they’ll seek help.

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Everyone has confirmation bias to some degree (no one, however, would admit to it).

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