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Are you in the path of some wild weather right now? How are you doing?

Asked by jca (36059points) March 14th, 2017
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Big snowstorm here in the southern NY region. I am not sure how much has come down so far (as of noon Tuesday) but it’s coming down hard and blowing around a lot. I hear ice hitting the windows.

It’s a snow day for my daughter’s school and a Personal day off (1 of 5 that I get annually) for me, a grateful union member.

On the down side, since the clocks “sprang ahead” this past weekend, this doesn’t help me become adjusted to the new time, as I got to wake up in the middle of the night and then go back to sleep until 10.

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Matt and I have both been encouraged by our companies to stay home. But our jobs are computers, so that doesn’t mean we get the day off from work. It does mean I get to do my work from my bed in my pajamas though :D

It’s nasty here in Boston area. Snow coming down hard and sideways.

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We got 6–8 inches of snow before the sleet and rain started. Now we have about 5 inches of slush, which will solidify tonight. This is dumb. I put my coping mechanism for really icky winter precip away into the garage last week, now I can’t get at it.
Bad planning.

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Yup. Here in Boston with @Mariah (well, not with @Mariah) .

We are in full white out. It does seem to be slowing a bit. Heading out to shovel soon.

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Weatherperson says it may be 74 degrees today, record for this date is 75, normal temp is 54. Hazy sun, light breeze…Welcome to Southern Idaho in the spring!

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Just got in from shoveling. Got it done right before it turned to freezing rain.

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Wow, I could have sworn that @cookieman, @Mariah, and ETPro lived together in the MA Fluther mansion.

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@Brian1946: Yes, and @90s_Kid as well.


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I’m about 3 hours south of Boston (southern NY) and we got about 12 inches.

Snow, freezing rain and wind all day and night.

My neighbor wrote on FB that her car’s back window shattered when she shut the car door. I’m not sure if she was warming the car up or cleaning it off or what preceded the shattering of the window.

Restaurants and everything in my area were closed today. I am not sure if some stores opened up later. A coworker posted a video of driving to work with his wife (we work in a city in NY but not NYC) and it was like a ghost town. Courts were closed, streets had not one car, no pedestrians at all outside. I bet at work, 95% of the workers were out, if not more.

Tomorrow my daughter’s school is closed for the second day in a row. I’m going to work late, like around half day. It will be nice having a leisurely morning at home. I’m sure a lot of people will be going in late after having to shovel out and also the roads will be icy early in the morning and there may be accidents. It’s better to stay home till morning rush has passed and go in around 11 or 12. It made me realize how grateful I am to have a nice union job where I get a lot of time off and can afford to stay home when I need to or want to.

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I’m in Boston. Got a foot of snow yesterday and lots of wind but no power loss.

Sun out today.

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Warm weather here, no snow or rain.

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@Pachy: We need a Boston Jellies Meetup.

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