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Can I store my contacts overnight (just this once) in something besides contact solution?

Asked by spendy (1449points) August 8th, 2008
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Went to the eye doc today and wore home a pair of trial contacts. They’re the kind you sleep in. Problem is, it’s been a while since I’ve worn contacts, so I need to take them out for the night. The even bigger problem is that I can’t find the bottle of solution I bought…and there’s no place open around here. What should I put them in overnight until I can grab some more?

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Nope. Don’t think so. Possibly distilled water but you need to confirm. You probably need to run to the store for some saline.

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i wouldn’t put mine in anything besides solution.
i had to put them in water once, for like 10 minutes while i went tanning and it just dried them out and made them super uncomfortable and gross.

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I’ve kept mine in water before. I didn’t have any problems but then again I’m the guy who leaves them in untill they bother me bad enough that I have to change them.

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Are these soft? I wear rigid gas permeable lens and can store them dry if need be.

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Astro, most are soft these days, they’re just much more comfortable.

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I wouldn’t store mine in anything other than solution or saline. I wear soft as well. I would get to looking for that bottle you bought.

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Soft contacts can only be stored in solution. If you have any made-for-contacts eyedrops, that will work.

(I used eyedrops once when I flew out to a wedding, wasn’t checking a bag, and couldn’t find a bottle of contact solution smaller than 4 oz—1 oz over the carry-on limit. Anyway, the eyedrops worked just fine for two days. Actually, only one day, because my day-early flight got canceled.)

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If you don’t have solution store them in your eyes. Your contacts are rated for overnight use. Although it’s been awhile since you’ve worn them I can’t imagine what one over night could do, especially since they are new. I sleep in mine frequently and never had a problem.

My partner, Jenn, wears gas permeable and she puts them in water at times with no ill effect.

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I don’t think so, u can put it in there for a couple of hours but not the whole night

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