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I Don't Care About Anything, Anymore? Ever felt that way?

I am not depressed just unmotivated. Now a days I feel very empty and cold. It’s like I have no feelings. I stopped doing things that use to excite me and make me feel good. I just rather stay home by myself away from everyone. Was invited to my next door neighbors
baby naming this week and decided not to go. Part of me feel bad, but the other side just didn’t care at the time. (personally I should have went.)

I use to be the kind of person that wanted to please everyone. Therefore I often put other people’s needs ahead of my own. I feel this has prevented me from reaching most of goals. I am 27 and I feel I wasted the majority of my life helping build other people’s dreams.

I have been screwed over by a lot of people I have trusted. I think this has made me a colder person. I don’t trust people like I use to nor do I care what anyone thinks about me anymore. Living in New York fuels the fire. Here the majority of people are out for themselves and would step over and use others for their own benefits.

Not caring for some reason feels really good. It’s as if I have attained a sense of mental freedom. Like as if I am more stress free, even though I still have 100 thoughts running through my head.
The only thing that makes me feel good anymore is when I am playing Football (Soccer). When I am on the field it feels like nothing else matters. Was wondering if anyone else ever felt like this.

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