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Speed up old laptop?

Asked by RocketGuy (15220points) May 3rd, 2017
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My old HP DV4170 is maxed out with 2GB RAM, and is really slow with Win10. Is there any way to salvage?

It has 1 CardBus and 1 ExpressCard. Is there any way to make it think that there is more than 2GB RAM?

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You need more ram, at least 4 gigs. Is that all the laptop will support or can you dump the sticks you have in there now for ones with larger capacity? This is about your only good option.

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Windows has a feature where you can use a USB drive as psuedo-RAM for some features. It’s kind of a mixed bag, but if you already have a USB drive and no other options, it might be worth a shot.

Here’s an article showing screenshots (not windows 10, but same idea) and explaining what it does.

Short version, it’s not as fast or useful as RAM, but helps some.

Good luck.

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I have forwarded this question to a computer expert. Hopefully, he’ll have time to respond.

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What do you do with your laptop? If it is just some interneting and Word you could get by with something like lubuntu. I know it is a big ask to switch operating systems but if you do basic stuff it would provide a nice boost.

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Swap the hard drive for a SSD

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@Lightlyseared :: offers a good suggestion. And with the speed of a SSD it would be less noticeable if Windows had to hit SWAP. The problem here is both HDD and SSD prices have gone way up in the last few months. I bought this a few months ago for 120. Now it is 180.

For 200 you could score a new laptop with better specs.

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Kes I know a guy at Lenovo who sells computers. I have bought 3 from him directly and my brother in law bought 2. My last computer he gave me a huge discount on a high end Lenovo thinkpad X1 carbon.

Email me if you’re interested in the contact info. Tell him I sent you.

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Our main computer (quad core, 8GB RAM) got zapped in a power outage last month. Been using an old laptop as a replacement. It’s totally underpowered for Win10. I’ll have to find time to troubleshoot it. Likely a fried power supply.

I have a Lenovo E420s laptop as my portable solution. Works great. It’s just that we need 4 good computers at home and we are down to 3 right now.

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@funkdaddy – ReadyBoost got that old HP laptop to be half as slow. Well worth the $12 for a fast USB drive. It made less impact on my Lenovo, only because it was pretty fast already (i5, dual processor, 8 GB RAM).

@johnpowell – I am tempted to upgrade my Lenovo with an SSD. Maybe later this summer.

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The SSD I linked to 14 hours ago is now 200 from 180. Datahoarders around the world are cringing.

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My desktop computer is working again! I needed to unplug everything and let it sit. Apparently there was power from the Ethernet and/or USB that kept it from resetting. Turning off the surge protector was not enough. It sure is nice to have 8GB RAM and SSD cache drive again.

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That’s the electronic equivalent of giving it a kick.

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