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Do you know of an app that will take me back to my starting point?

Asked by 2davidc8 (10189points) May 14th, 2017
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Basically, I’d like to find an app that works like Google Maps or Apple’s Siri but for walking or hiking. I’d like to be able to start the app, then walk, wander, or hike any which way I like; then I’d like to be able to tell it, “Take me back to where I started”. And it can guide me back with voice commands.

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I have a GPS with that function . It is called MOB for “Man overboard”.

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In Google Maps, long press on a spot to save it. Then navigate back later.

”In the Google Maps app, you can create a list of places, like your favorite places or places you want to visit.” link

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You can also just set a waypoint and then tell your gps/phone to go back to it.

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I have no idea, but the answers above make me curious: can you tell it, in effect, “retrace my steps”—i.e., go back the same way you came? What if your starting point is not far away, but the shortest distance is across a bog or over a cliff? Maybe you don’t just want to get back to your point of origin. You want to follow the same route, in reverse. Can you tell it that?

Still, in this scenario I can see lots of ways of getting lost. I’d trust a map, landmarks, and trail markers sooner than a phone.

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I forgot to mention that what I’m looking for is an app for the iPhone, not a separate GPS unit. Thanks!

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@Jeruba My GPS will do that The function is called Breadcrumbs or Track Back. It allows you to retrace your steps. That is handy if you lose something in the woods or walkig around in a city. .

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@2davidc8 You might try looking for apps with the names I suggested above.
I sure do love my GPS though. It is not “connected” and doesn’t send data anywhere. I can back it up by saving the info on its SD card.
I keep backtrack on all the time – even when I fly. I have it store data by time, for example one data point per second. When the memory is full it throws out every other point and starts saving at 2 second increments and so on. it is handy for reviewing a trip or identifying something interesting I might have seen.
Now where did I park my car?

There are some complex geocaches that actually interact with the trackback feature and only work if the trackback is turned OFF. Incredibly clever stuff. The intent is get the cachers lost so they must follow the clues. The cache owner/host/hider is a genius.

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Now where did I park my car?

Also look for car finder apps, they’re designed to help return to your spot in a big parking lot.

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Thank you, @Call_Me_Jay. I’ll look for those.

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