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What would you like to tell (specific) women about their (specific) hair?

Asked by Jeruba (55162points) June 13th, 2017
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You’re not going to go up to them and say it. But you’re thinking it:

“Blonde looks terrible on you.”
“The messy style makes you look messy all over.”
“That’s just plain too short.”
“You looked good like that when you were twenty, but that was forty years ago.”

Women you know, women you just see in the street, celebrity women, women in your mirror: what do you feel like saying—but never will? Write it here. Specific statements, as if addressed to a particular woman (“That bun makes you look older, Samantha”), and not generalities about looks and styles.

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To the woman who just testified in the Bill Cosby case: Who hacked at your hair and why didn’t you get someone to even it up before you were on TV?

Too specific?

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That’s exactly the kind of thing I mean.

To Sandy, at the meeting last night: Your new pale blonde do is almost the same color as your aged skin and makes you look vague and washed out all over. Go back to that nice, defining brunette you used to have.

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You should never have dyed it (or bleached it) that color. It looks awful.

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Your hair extensions make your hair too thick and too long. I wanted to tell Eva Langoria (the actress) when she started making her hair supper long and full. She already had beautiful hair, and then she went ridiculous.

Cut off that ponytail. To older men with thin, grey, long, hair.

Your hair is dyed too black. This happens a lot to men.

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Not feeling suicidal today, I’ll have to pass. I’d never make a remark like that to a woman I don’t know, and not sure I’d do it to a woman I’m on intimate or at least friendly terms with. I will freely compliment a woman I know if I like her hair style, never had issues doing that.

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I’d tell Melanoma Trump that her hair always looks great, and why can’t she do something about whatever that stupid thing is on her husband’s head ?

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Brunettes in general, please don’t dye it blonde. Also makeup makes your face look like shit, you’re much more attractive without it.

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@NomoreY_A: The question says: “You’re not going to go up to them and say it. But you’re thinking it….what do you feel like saying—but never will?”

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Depends on how drastic the situation is. I agree with Kidding me about brunettes dyeing hair blonde. But If a woman with long, pretty hair went and had it cut too short, I might feel like saying are you out of your mind? Why did you ruin your hair like that? Do you really want to look like a man?

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It’s 2017, sweetie. Not 1974.

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For me, if I’m giving much thought to a woman’s hair, it’s far more likely to be something more like “your hair is beautiful and lovely and I’d like to watch it for rather longer than seems socially appropriate.”

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I actually like women with short hair, you notice their other feminine attributes much more. Natural redheads this does not really apply, grow that out!

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I hate that curly, kinky, rats nest, looks like well used steel wool shit.

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I find that sexy.

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Different strokes for different folks, or so they say…

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I did tell my daughter what I thought when she dyed her beautiful, dark brown hair blonde. It didn’t suit her complexion. She ignored me. Her right. She’s now changed it back.

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To Theresa May, your hair is a tragic bloody mess of biblical proportions.

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^^I know, right? I saw her and Merkel together on TV yesterday and wondered how tough it is to get where they are. It shows, big time. I remember Merkel from the 1980’s. God, it shows. But their hair is still better than the Donald’s

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Sometimes when I see someone with horrid hair and awful makeup, I do a makeover in my head.

I do that sometimes in people’s houses, too. I think “if this were my place, how would I rearrange the furniture and what would I put in the space?”

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I’ve been thinking of this question and mostly, I think I must be very unobservant. I don’t really notice other people’s hair. I might look at how they’re dressed and wonder whether they got dressed in the dark. Perhaps it’s because of the field I work in. Most people I work with seem to be too focused on other things to worry about fashion or style.

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May & Merkel should be cast in Monster’s inc…

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You are white. Do not wear your hair in dreadlocks.

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I know people who think it’s ridiculous when black people dye their hair blonde. @tinyfaery‘s answer made me think of it. I don’t agree, I think race doesn’t matter.

However, regarding race, I do tend to want to say to black girls who wear very asymmetrical hairstyles with part of their hair shaved that they shouldn’t do it. Some white girls do it too now.

Oh, and that backwards mullet? No good. A little bit can be sharp looking, especially if the woman is very put together in every way from clothing, to make-up, and thin to average weight. When it’s severe it just looks low class. I want to say to them “how many women on Park Avenue do you think have a haircut that is long in the front and super short in the back?”

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And that is about as racist as it gets, tinyfairy.

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To my granddaughters, who wore Mohawks that changed color every week, and then one day went back to the color they were born with, and hairstyles that look beautiful on them: Great! I’m glad you got that out of your system!

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