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Can you list some novelties that have worn out for you?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (20359points) June 16th, 2017
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I loved the mountains when I first lived In Jasper National park. Then after 15 years I couldn’t care less. What novelty has worn out for you? Humor welcome.

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It just bores me.

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The Washington monuments. I can’t remember the last time I saw one, either up close or from a distance, and either noticed or cared. Forty years ago, I thought they were spectacular; I’d go running nearby them and view with awe. Now, they’re just part of the urban landscape.

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I never go to the beach. I went to Waikiki for the second time in two years recently.

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^^^ Isn’t it always true that tourist attractions hold little-to-no appeal for local people? Everything becomes very familiar.

Somebody once told me that late-night TV shows – such as “The Tonight Show,” “The Daily Show,” and “Saturday Night Live” – have audiences packed with “those liberal New Yorkers.” But, they really don’t; visitors from elsewhere get tickets and go to the tapings. I’ve never heard any New Yorker say, “I’m going to see Jimmy Fallon tonight. What are your plans?”

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The CNN breaking new logo is mostly not boring now, but they have called Wolf to many times . Pun intended .

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Edit The CNN breaking news intro is still novel to me. Even though they have cried “Wolf” to many times. Pun intended. Sorry ran out of time to edit.

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I used to get pretty jazzed when our car started on the first try each morning.

Then I realized that it’s a fairly new Toyota, and everybody in the world’s fairly new Toyota does the exact same thing for them.

So suddenly, for me it stopped being such a big deal..

I miss that.

P.S. Our Samsung SmartTV is still pretty exciting (I’m just sayin’....)

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P.S. Our Samsung SmartTV is still pretty exciting (I’m just sayin’....)
Because you never know when it is going to explode?

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Here is a slightly better introduction to CNN breaking news

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Studio heads: Let’s produce an amazing looking film with rich colors and amazing picture quality!

Producers: How about in 3-D?

Studio: You mean the process in which we give people headaches and make the rich colors on the screen look darker?

Producers: Yes, that’s it!

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Hey, @ragingloli…..our Samsung TV always says nice things about YOU…...

(I suspect the damn thing listens to us….recently we were discussing a Carnival cruise we went on 15 years ago. I get on my computer, and there are a bunch of ads for……..)

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@Love_my_doggie This is true. I grew up in Las Vegas and I have no desire to gamble. Illinois has new gaming laws that make it more accessible and I don’t care.

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