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Why do girls wear shorts or spandex under their skirts and dresses?

Asked by johndavies01 (9points) July 9th, 2017
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Most girls seem to wear black shorts or spandex under their skirts and dresses :(

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Sane reason they wear underwear? .......

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They want to stop perverts getting to see anything when the look up their skirts. Why are you looking up their skirts/dresses?

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Designers and merchants push the little short skirts.
They are very cute, but most girls don’t want to be that exposed. Hence, accessories have become required. Now, the skirts are pretty much an adornment to embellish the shorts and leggings.
The result is both pretty and sporty.

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So boys wouldn’t see their panties.

I guess, I’ve seen that only in anime.

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I didn’t get a pair of pants until I was about 6 or so. I wore dresses exclusively. But I noticed that girls who played on the monkey bars at school wore shorts under their dresses. It looked like a smart thing to do, and I started doing it too. Can you imagine why?

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Welcome to Fluther.

I imagine that they might dress that way to be sure that you’re paying attention… and in case you’re paying too much attention.

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My granddaughter does it because she is very active and doesn’t like to be hindered by having to think of her modesty all the time but by the same token she wants to dress up in a feminine manner like other girls in her class. It is the way most of them in her school dress so nothing unusual there. It is not unusual for her to be wearing a skirt with jean shorts underneath.

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As my daughter has said, “modesty.”

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For the same reason you would were you a girl.

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@johndavies01 Modesty. Smart!

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Underwear now is very revealing so if you saw the girl’s underwear, you’d probably see more than underwear. With the shorts on, you’re minding your business.

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they wear them in case they want to ditch the dress.

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Well, the fact that you even noticed it, AND put a frowny face by your post, should answer your question. You may like seeing girl’s underwear, we don’t like you seeing our underwear.

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So creepers like you don’t look up our skirts.

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The next time you see a girl with a skirt and shorts on, you should ask her and see what she says.

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To prevent chaffing, in addition to the obvious modesty reasons already suggested.

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I never had a problem with chaffing….

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Because, while accomplishing the same desired outcome, wearing spandex on top of your skirt or dress results in unsightly bulges.

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It would depend, I suppose, on what the temperature outside is. If I wanted to wear a skirt or dress, I might wear shorts or whatnot underneath to help keep warm.

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I had to wear dresses to elementary school. We wore leggings, tights, in the winter. Shorts wouldn’t do much to keep you warm with all your legs bare. They also won’t help when the damn slide is burning the back of your legs.

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