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Would you like to help protect Net Neutrality?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (37403points) July 12th, 2017
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I am very interested in hearing what you think about the possibility the Trump Administration may roll back Net Neutrality. Would such a move help or hinder our economy?


Net neutrality is under serious threat. You can submit an official statement directly to the FCC that will become part of the proceedings and will be considered in their deliberation.

Go to

In the first empty field, enter 17–108, and then fill out the rest of the form appropriately.

In the comments, you can enter your own words. I entered this verbiage from the ACLU:

I strongly oppose Chairman Pai’s proposal to reverse net neutrality protections because a free and open internet is vital for our democracy, for our businesses, and for our daily lives.

Net neutrality is a vital principle in a democratic society. The biggest losers under Chairman Pai’s proposal are independent news outlets, small businesses, start-up blogs, grassroots activist groups…and everyone who uses the internet. And we won’t stay quiet while mega-corporations gain control over the information we consume every day.

Chairman Pai’s pay-to-play model would give giant internet companies the power to prioritize what we read, watch, and explore online. I won’t stand for it. It’s about my right to be heard and my right to hear others. I submit my public comment to oppose Chairman Pai’s proposal to reverse net neutrality protections.

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Here’s a good but highly profane information page about net neutrality:

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