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Would you take the time to look out your window if Lady Diana were standing on your sidewalk back in the day?

Asked by Aster (20023points) July 17th, 2017
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My mother in law said if Lady Diana were standing in her front yard she would not even walk to the window to see her. Why do you think she said this and would you also continue with what you were doing and not bother?

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To me, she is/was completely irrelevant. I would put her in the same category as Kim Kardasian.(Don’t even care if I spelled that right….)

Famous for being famous = worthless.

Just my opinion…..

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OK: you think Diana was worthless. So does that mean you wouldn’t bother to take a peak at her as she stood in your yard? lol

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^I would just be irritated that a stranger was in my yard. I suppose, if I recognized her, I would take note. But I would still tell her to go away.

I find it interesting that it was her fame that ultimately killed her. People’s obsession with her is what fueled the media circus’s pursuit of her the time she died. If people just minded their own business, she’d probably still be alive…

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“As well as working on charities such as AIDS she lent her name to the campaign to bad landmines. Her personal support is said to have been a significant factor in encouraging Britain and then other countries to support the Ottawa Treaty which sought to introduce a ban on the use of anti – personnel landmines. When Robin Cook brought the second reading of the landmines bill to the house in 1998 he made a point of paying tribute to the contribution of Princess Diana.”

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Hmm. I take back my “worthless” comment….

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To brgin with, were she to appear in my yard unescorted, I doubt that I would recognize her for who she was. But ANYONE appearing in my yard or lingering on the sidewalk in front of my house is likely to get my attention.

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@MrGrimm888 I agree that if the human race would stop following and idolizing famous people many of the dead might still be alive. But this fascination with the famous and infamous won’t stop.

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I would take a second look. I agree she was a worthwhile person who was much maligned.

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@stanleybmanly I never said, “unescorted.” I would recognize her from quite a distance and I assumed others would too.

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I don’t think I would recognize her. Maybe getting out of a British limousine?..... Even then, I doubt I would know her. But I wasn’t a big fan.

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I am no fan of royalty and I don’t know anything that Diana did of any note. Still, I would look out the window for the opportunity to see a celebrity. Your MIL must be rather resentful of Diana’s popularity.

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@Aster But here’s the thing. If I looked out MY window and she was standing on the sidewalk, the only sensible conclusion is “that woman is the spitting image of Lady Di”. A flying saucer on the sidewalk would be both more believable and likely than the Princess standing in front of my house. Are you asking “If it were announced that Princess Diana is standing on my sidewalk, would I take a peek?” The answer is I would have to take a peek

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Well, I don’t know your SIL or the context she said it in, so how would I have any idea why she said it?

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Some people get annoyed with overly-covered celebrities and avoid them, and might still say something like this based on that sort of sentiment. I do a lot of this myself, avoiding as much knowledge as I can of many celebrities. Diana was hounded by paparazzi and there were crazy amounts of media stories about her every move. I would go take a look if she’d been around, but I was not a particular fan, not that I disapproved of her – I just didn’t need the hype. When her wedding was on TV, I took a peek but did not watch much else.

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If Diana had been near my front yard I would have broken my neck getting to a window with camera in hand. Then I’d probably step out on the front porch and take more pictures. Same thing if Elvis Presley were out there, or Mike Pence, or Trump, or any Hollywood actor or groups like The Carpenters, The Rolling Stones , etc. Why my MIL said such a thing I have no idea. But I didn’t really believe her. Not really.

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