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How can I get rid of the viruses in my USB?

Asked by Mimishu1995 (23630points) July 17th, 2017
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My USB just got viruses for no reason. I scanned it with Avira Antivirus and it detected some worms and deleted them. But the thing is, the worms just kept coming back. I scanned the USB repeatedly and each time was the same amount of viruses and they were all the same. The viruses made my Avira go crazy with virus detection, and all my files have been turned into shortcut files. I don’t want to format my USB because there are some important files I need to save. Is there any way I can completely kill the viruses?

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It might be the case you’re using free version of antivirus. In that scenario it will only detect them without removing.

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@imrainmaker I’m using the free version of Avira. But I don’t think it doesn’t remove viruses. It has sucessfully removed viruses in the past. This is the first time something like this happened.

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Try formatting. Go to My Computer, then right click on the G Disk, and then choose the format option.

Save all the files you have on the computer, just in case it doesn’t delete them.

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Okay, from my standpoint it sounds like the computer you are using has the viruses and keeps putting it back on the thumb drive. Try a different free anti-virus.

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If you want to try other antivirus software to see if they can get the job done, here are some options that I know of (of course, I don’t know very much about computer viruses, so I’m sure there are better tools out there).

I use Microsoft’s Windows Defender, and it works well for me, though I’ve been lucky enough to never need to remove a virus from my computer, so I can’t attest to how well it works for that… But it’s a full-fledged free antivirus software for PC, and if you have Windows you should already have it on your computer. I believe you need to turn off your Avira before you turn on Windows Defender—from what I understand, you can only have one antivirus software running on a computer at any time; two or more, they’ll interfere with each other. Here’s a download link in case it’s not on your computer:

Microsoft’s Malicious Malware Removal Tool has a subset of malware it scans for. It’s designed to be downloaded and run once, and is for any malware that’s currently “active” (is that the term?) on the device. It updates every month. It doesn’t get rid of viruses that aren’t “active,” and it doesn’t protect from viruses, but it also won’t stomp on any antivirus software you’re currently using. It’ll just run once and then get out of the way. If it finds and removes the worm, great! If not, then you’ll have to find something a bit meatier:

Another option is a Free Trial of Malwarebytes. The antivirus protection only runs for 14 days, but the software will always be able to detect and remove malware (and rootkits, it says, if that’s applicable here?) that have already gotten onto the computer. I know a friend who got a nasty piece of malware on their computer, and they used the Malwarebytes Free Trial to get rid of it. From what I gathered, it worked well:

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Thank you everyone for answering. I found a way to both safely backup my files and kill the viruses. After some painstaking search on the internet, I found out that the viruses hid my actual files and made shortcut files out of them in order to trick me into opening them, which meant that my files were still there. So I used an internet cafe computer, turned off “Hide system files” in Folder Option, carefully went to my USB and moved all my now hidden files to the computer. I then used another USB to move the files in and now I could format the USB without worrying about my files. I also take your advice and I am doing a full system scan on my computer right now.

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