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If someone kidnapped your child and sold them, where would you want us to put the statue of that person?

Asked by Irukandji (4158points) August 19th, 2017
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Alternatively, where should we put the statues of people who fought to keep kidnapping your children legal?

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On the kidnappers head.

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I don’t think anyone alive today had that happen.

Many of them died at least a hundred years ago. And slavery itself, it was abolished 150 years ago, in a much earlier period in American history.

I agree with your sentiments, but religious and ethical groups, and eventually Abe Lincoln and others of a like mind, abolished it—by our own constitution that was already in place. God made all persons equal— a man is a man, and if the U.S. constitution applies for the liberty and rights of one ethnicity, it must include all.

But your point is taken. The democratic party remains, It started the Trail of Tears, expelling the Cherokee nation from their homeland even though the Republicans thought their nation in the Tennessee- North Carolina mountains, could coexist—as with other Indian nations. And Slavery the Dems clung to— demanding segregation well into the 1960s. But it changed its position on these matters during the Eisenhower or Kennedy administration and stands up for your rights nowadays. As long as you stand for their agenda in political matters.

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On my front lawn.

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Kidnapped, sold, forced to backbreaking labour, abused, raped, tortured, murdered.
Needs to be a golden statue, then.

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Point seen, but this is a massively oversimplified analogy, to me…

I wager this q would be better suited in Social…

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Put the kidnappers’ name on the wrapper of a chocolate bar…

Put the children’s picture on a milk carton.

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Point taken? Assumptions, assumptions, assumptions…

The question is a meme that’s been going around. I just wanted to see how people on Fluther would answer it.

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Slavery is ALIVE and WELL in many parts of the world, and the African slave trade has never diminished—just because it was abolished here 150 years ago doesn’t mean anything happened to stop it in Africa. .

Human Trafficking is rather common even in the U.S. More common than most people think.

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^Indeed. And it’s far from the only thing wrong with the world, or the reasons why such things exist…

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