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What Items should we stock up on or use/eat more of?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24450points) September 22nd, 2017
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For health and budget. I am planning to drink more tap water and eat one whole jumbo tomato and two bananas every day. What are some other tips, like eating ramen for midnight snack? I also cut my cable and got a discount on my internet. Previous question I also am stocking up on canned stew for when I lose my motivation to cook something.

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MREs. Water.
Stay away from ramen . That stuff will make your blood pressure spike.
Exercise for at least 30 minutes every day. A long walk will suffice.
Eat more fish and eggs.
Stay away from food that is white.
Use no-fat milk.
Eat oatmeal for breakfast.

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Yes, stay away from ramen. It’s basically just a big bowl of salt.

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Water every day.
Fruit and veggies.

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My stepson eats only vegetarian 6 days of the week and then will eat meat on the 7th. He is in great shape and as an NP, he understands the nutritional impacts. He stocks up on fruits and
vegetables and beans. Oatmeal for breakfast every day with a banana in it. Peanut butter is a good staple food. If you can avoid the processed foods such as the can of stew you mentioned, you are better off. Don’t eat after about 8 pm. Another option is to dehydrate. It requires a dehydrator, but can make food last forever. If you see frozen vegetables on sale, buy an extra bag and dehydrate it. Pretty soon your provisions are stocked full. When you want to eat, all you have to do is cook it in water.

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I bought 6 $4 packages of frozen chicken backs and necks. Am cooking one now. Will waste less than buying a whole rotisserie chicken and throwing out the breast meat. Will update you on how the meal went.

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Edit update. Was AWESOME. Skin and meat were tasty. There was enough meat for a meal. Happy that I bought the entire lot. (6 packages for $4 each). Also no waste. Will buy more when available.

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Now into turkey necks. Was awesome.

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Turkey necks? I didn’t know people ate that.

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Update: I am experimenting with television dinners. Also chicken thighs and legs with back attached. Bought an electric frying pan.

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