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Asked by MohJayy (28points) September 23rd, 2017
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Been thinking about this idea for a while what do you guys think. I want to start a blog where I commit to do something based on people’s recommendations. I’ll make a poll of things that I think people would like to see accomplished, ex losing weight, learning new language or whatever. Then whatever gets rated highest on the poll I will do it and show you my whole process of me accomplishing that skill

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That sounds interesting. Great way to learn new skills and is a good motivator if you have other people expecting you to learn something.

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My years of experience on the Internet tell me this has the potential to go down the crazy tubes in a hurry.

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Welcome to Fluther.

Seriously? This sounds like one of the worst ideas in the history of ever. You’ve heard of trolls, right? How do you propose to avoid their suggestions – since what you’re setting up, once people realize it – is a real-life “Truth or Dare” with no recourse to the person proposing the truth / dare scenario. So eventually the dares will be “to run naked in the road”, “to rob a bank”, “to make yourself a doormat for some lower form of life”, etc.?

If YOU want to propose several alternative challenges that you’d be open to and have people vote on them, well, that’s another thing. (It’s still too self-indulgent for my taste, but I realize that I’m out of step with a lot of younger people. In my day we set our own challenges and lived our own lives for our own purposes and didn’t broadcast it, ask for others’ approval or votes, and just got on with it. But I realize, sadly, that those days are past.)

Even better, if you just want to live your life and write about it, that would be about the best that I could ever hope for.

But hey, you do you.

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I get what you’re saying. Yea I totally agree with the second portion about proposing challenges that I would be open to try. For me whole reason I want to make this is to show people if I can learn it so can you. It will hold me accountable and the people will get to see me doing the task. I will give em weekly updates on how things are going, set back blah blah. That what is missing now a day, people don’t show you the process. They say they got from point A to B without showing you how? If I were to do this I would want to focus on health, wealth nd self improvement. I think those are Important and people would actually want to see that.

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Reading some of the answers I realized that I misread the question.
I read it as you would be putting suggestions on a poll, and people would be voting on what they want and you’d be following their recommendation.
I wasn’t reading it as they put the stuff on the poll and vote on it all themselves.

I wouldn’t do that. I’d pick a few things that you want to try and have them vote. If you’re going to give them a choice, make sure it isn’t too much of a choice. For example asking them what language you should learn instead of just putting down “learn a new language” You are giving them a choice in suggesting what language you should learn (You’d probably take majority vote) but you are not letting them choose what it is you do in the first place. Don’t just randomly let them choose what you get to do, because then you probably will get trolls telling you to do terrible things, as what @CWOTUS said.

@MohJayy, you are totally right in saying that most people don’t show the process of how they acquired a certain skill. That is something I think many people would be interested in. You just have to make sure that when you do this, you set limits and are being very careful.

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@SergeantQueen Got it thanks for the advice I worded my idea weird, I will for be setting limits for sure. The only thing i am hung up on is picking skills people would actually want to see and skills that will also benefit me. I made a little flow chart and I have come up with these so far. For health I want to get down to 10% bf( currently around 20ish) I am sure people would find that interesting. For wealth I am thinking about starting shopify business and picking a niche and showing them how I grow the website and start making $$. Finally for self improvement I am thinking i can work on the skill of publicspeaking. Its never been my strong suit,So I would show people how I started ex low voice not making eye contanct and by the end of it I will give a speech infront of a 100 people. What do you think of those ideas? would they interest you?

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What would be the timeline you would be setting for yourself, week, month or more? It can’t be endless process right?

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That sounds like a cool idea. Obviously you’d just have to use judgement and only do things asked of you if they’re reasonable. Don’t undertake losing weight if you’re already underweight, for example. Yes you’re likely to get trolly suggestions but just weed those out.

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For me personally, those specific ideas wouldn’t interest me, but that’s because I’m not trying to accomplish those things. Don’t take that to mean you shouldn’t do it. There are tons of people out there who are struggling with losing weight or public speaking, or getting more money and those people might get inspired by you updating the blog and showcasing how you’re losing weight or getting better at public speaking, etc. You’re showing how you got there, and they can use that same process and apply it themselves so that they can get better at it. So it’ll help other people.

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