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How do I replace my laptop's battery? (Details inside.)

Asked by 2davidc8 (10189points) September 26th, 2017
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My laptop’s battery is essentially dead. Can’t be charged, can’t retain a charge, at least not for long.

Is replacing the battery as simple as buying a new battery, taking out the old and putting in a new one, as you would do with a flashlight?

Reason I ask is, I seem to recall that in the old days a computer was said to actually require at least a trickle of electricity flowing through the system at all times, so replacing the battery was kind of tricky.

Is this true of today’s laptops?

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It depends on the particular model. Google the model and “replace battery” and you will probably find the answer.

Some slide out, kind of like a flashlight.

Some are internal and require carefully opening the case with a screwdriver. You can probably find a Youtube video showing how it’s done on your particular model.

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It completely depends on the laptop.

I had to replace the battery once on my HP latop, the one I’m currently using now. There’s a lever on the back you just slide to the left and the battery just pops right out. Very easy. If yours doesn’t do this, you might have to research how to remove the battery.

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Mine is the easy slide out kind. So, I understand that. What I’m wondering about is the “keep a trickle of electricity going” part. Maybe I’m totally clueless about that.

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Do a Google for the maintenance manual. It will tell you how to do it. On mine, there is a BIOS setting that electronically disconnects the battery when you shut down. Then you can open it up, pull some cables and replace the battery without booting up the laptop while you are putting everything back. The setting is reset back to normal when you hit the power button (after you have closed everything up).

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Thanks for the suggestion, @RocketGuy. My machine is 6 years old, but I’ll see if I can still find a manual.

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@bettycooperrr – you actually paid for the book, and experienced success with this method?

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