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Are you peeps as tired of all this end of the world crap as I am?

Asked by NomoreY_A (5541points) September 26th, 2017
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I was listening to a radio show in my car the other night, which had some guy talking about the world coming to an end on Sept. 23rd. The 23rd has come and gone and we are still here. Do they ever get tired of this crap?

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I mean, the End has been in sight since Caesar was knee high to a frogs ass, and it hasn’t happened yet.

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Did he say which Sept 23rd?

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Sept 23rd of this year.

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Maybe was a rerun of a recording?
And I don’t know if you are American, and if so, if CNN hasn’t reported on it, but the rest of the world is gone…...
Happened on the 25th though.

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I’ll be damned. Trump went nuts and nuked the world? Must have been a news black out.

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I haven’t heard anyone talking about the world ending on a specific date this year, but I do have a lot of acquaintances and friends casually throwing around the world is ending narratives based on the weather conditions over the past few months. It’s kind of frustrating to me, but maybe for different reasons than your questions intention :P

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Tired would be understatement. It would be like being “tired” of the weather. It’s more like being resigned or accustomed to it. It’s like that lottery ticket. Eventually one of the forecasts will be correct.

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No. I find it quite amusing to watch gullible people get all worked up about this shit time and time again.

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No, because I rarely notice it. Except the Mayan calendar thing a few years ago, which I noticed because the calendar resembled a cookie

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It’s been going on since Revelations was written…and probably before that. With as isolated as the tiny communities were all over the earth, one local catastrophe seemed like the end of the world.
I remember in the 70’s people were talking like, “The end is near.”
No, I’m not tired of it. Sometimes it’s really funny! Sometimes it’s not. Something like 5 people committed suicide in the 90’s, convinced that Hale Bop signaled the end times.

One thing that does blow my mind are the fools that count an eclipse in with natural disasters, like it’s some sort of unpredictable, mystical event. Like an eclipse is really going to affect the earth some how.

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If you want to swtich from the arch-stupid you’ve been seeing to brilliant ideas on the subject, I recommend reading and/or listening to Michael Meade on the subject .

A taste: “Periods of radical change and instability stir our deepest forebodings and awaken the darkest corners of our souls, where fears of catastrophe and apocalyptic endings reside and have always resided. When the balance of the world slips towards chaos, nightmare stories of apocalypse rise from the unconscious and can affect even the most rational people. Amidst uncertainty in financial markets, the failing of social systems, and lack of genuine internal stability, it can seem as if everything might come to a screaming end, that it might happen at any moment, and that it could happen from a mistake of culture or from a catastrophe of nature.”

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Chaos is the default human setting. The end is always near. We escape it more than many know. Such is the balance struck. With every step we take forward, we realize how much we have to overcome.

We are on a rock, hurtling through space, orbiting a star that will eventually destroy the planet. Comets, meteorites, solar flares, disease, famine, hurricanes, earthquakes, fires, floods, landslides, sink holes, tsunamis etc. Humans barely last a week without our technologies. It’s a fucking miracle we’re here at all.

It’s not necessarily productive to think about it, but it’s not stupid.

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I don’t get tired of seeing someone being proven wrong about such things. It’s always good for a laugh.

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People seem to buy into this crap more often during chaotic periods of history. I recently read an old tome by Barbara W. Tuchman, “A Distant Mirror – the Calamitous Fourteenth Century”. The Apocalyptic factor was a main theme in the book, because of the fears at he time over the Black Death, the loss of the Holy Land to Islam, the beginnings of the Hundred Years War, and other issues.

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I used to be a Christian, but I never was superstitious (which I understand that to some that means I was not a Christian.) My best friend was raised a Catholic and very gullible.
One time she was showing this book she’d read about the end times. She was almost shaking. She said, “Val, those things he predicted are come true NOW! He said it means the world will end in 5 years! I should never have had kids!”
I said, “Friend. When was that book written?”
She looked at the date and mumbled, “Oh. 7 years ago.”

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@Dutchess_III LOL – out of curiosity, was that in the early 80s? There was a book out about that time, about end times crap, called “Late Great Planet Earth”. Pretty popular at the time, even with non religious people.

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Yes it was! Christians were nutty in the 80’s! That’s when bar codes came out and OMG! The only thing intriguing was that it appeared that the two thick lines that bracketed the bar code, and the thick line in the center appeared to indicate the letter 6. (I researched it.) I wonder if the person who invented it was just screwing around!

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88 Reasons Why the Rapture Will Be in 1988

Followed by 1989, 1993, 1994, 1997…..

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Right? And they never give up!

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Yes, nothing is more depressing than waking up and still being alive in this world.

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It is perplexing to me why some Christians seem preoccupied with predicting the end of the world, in direct contradiction of the Bible, which states that not even Jesus knows when the world will end (Mark 13:32).

The fact is: people who obsess over the end of the world often act like it’s something to fear, but they seem to really want it to happen. The people I’ve met who are really preoccupied with it (not saying everyone who takes a passing interest, but the people for whom it consumes a significant part of their life) have had chaotic lives, many disappointments, and feel stuck. The end of the world is the ultimate “change”. We all need something to look forward to; this is theirs.

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So much from one so young. ♥ you Dom. (Wow…I just typed out of habit! I meant wisdom, but you know that.)

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