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Would you rather eat cookies or donuts?

Asked by Kardamom (32911points) October 14th, 2017
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Cookies are delicious, and so are donuts. There’s probably a lot more variety of cookies, but maybe variety is not the point.

Sometimes when I crave donuts, it’s just such a huge craving, although I don’t crave donuts very often. I don’t really ever crave cookies, but when I eat really good cookies, I think I’m more satisfied, than when I eat a donut.

What about you? Also, if you care to share your favorite kinds of cookies, and donuts (or where you buy them) that would be good too.

Do you like to make your own cookies? Have you made your own homemade donuts?

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Depends on the cookie, depends on the donut.
That said, toll house cookie dough is the best thing ever!

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Donuts especially chocolate covered cream filled. I go once every 6 months to Tim Hortons and order all of their Bismarck’s.

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Ferrero Rocher.

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Would I rather eat cookies or donuts? Yes.

Cookies are easier to make at home – mostly because deep-frying anything is a massive pain in the ass.

I only crave donuts for breakfast – never later in the day. Cookies I could eat any time.

My favourites:

Donuts: Chocolate eclairs. Boston Creme, French crullers, and chocolate cake donuts with or without chocolate icing (they’re the best for dunking in coffee).

Cookies: Chocolate chips, white chocolate with macadamia nuts and dried cranberries, krumkake hot off the press before they’re even allowed to set and be filled (childhood memories, see the other thread just started), snickerdoodles (preferably made with unrefined coconut oil).

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Cookies, Chocolate chip specifically. They’re easier to dunk in milk, not that I would dunk a donut in milk.

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This question takes the biscuit.

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Morning or evening?

Donuts are a morning food.

Cookies, an evening food.

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Usually cookies if given the choice. CC bit cookie dough even better.

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Depends on the cookies and the donuts.

But, generally I would rather eat cookies. I rarely crave donuts.

When I do want donuts, it’s because I’m hungry and it seems to be a reference to childhood donut memories, which means maple bars or powdered donut holes. I don’t have a great donut source, though I would ideally have a maple bar from the bakery where I went when I was a very small kid. I’ve never tried to make a donut at home.

I have made cookies at home. Mostly tollhouse chocolate chip standard recipe. Some of the dough will vanish before it gets baked. I’ve also made peanut butter cookies, oatmeal chocolate chip, and a few other types. But not in quite a few years now. I don’t really crave cookies unless there happen to be some good ones around.

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They’re both yummy, but I prefer cookies.

This is because cookies almost always have a higher fiber content, especially when they include nuts, raisins, and oatmeal.

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Maple doughnuts!

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Lately, I have been craving a pumpkin spice cake donut with glaze.

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Bite of cookie. Bite of donut. Bite of cookie. Sip of milk.

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Old fashioned glazed cake donuts.

But I would rather have a slice of buttered bread over cookies or donuts..

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I’ll take (or used to take) cream filled Krispy Kreme donuts with chocolate on top over any cookie on earth.

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Awwwww, your KILLIN’ me!

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@Aster Creamed filled with chocolate on top is my favorite! They can be hard to find, most often donut places have custard filled instead. Blech. I like Howard’s Donuts much better than Krispy Kreme for that type of donut. If you ever come across a Howard’s Donuts give it a try.

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I will, @JLeslie ! Our local grocery store carried Krispy Kreme for months. Then the got the brilliant? idea of discontinuing them and substituting their own cardboard donuts , not filled, hole in the middle. I bought a box and threw them out. I don’t care for custard filled much but the jelly filled are really the pits.

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