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Do you need any of the HP applications on your computer if you don't use them?

Asked by Nevada83 (833points) October 15th, 2017
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I am running seriously low on disk space and I never use any of these programs, so could I uninstall them without doing damage to my computer?

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How big is your hard drive/SSD?

If you have a 32GB SSD like my sister’s kids do on their little HP laptops clearing that stuff didn’t really make a dent. You will be in the same situation tomorrow. The recovery partition for Windows uses more space.

What computer do you have?

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I have an HP Stream.

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I have a 27.8GB SSD.

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Oh god… Those are the same my sisters kids have. I suggested she buy them since they were cheap and you can just toss in a SD card for more storage. The SD card thing didn’t work out since they were constantly being tossed in backpacks (sd card would pop out) and managing the storage was more than 16 year olds could handle.

I even went through and reinstalled Windows 10 and added only the drivers need to make it work. No HP bloat. Still constant storage problems. And they only really used them for Internet, and Office. I even installed Office on the SD cards.

But, I would say that in the grand scheme of things even if you delete the HP stuff you are still in a world of pain. It should be illegal to sell these. Windows will gobble up the space with cache and temp files even if you delete them. You could add a SD card or try something like Google File Stream.

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Or just buy a new computer… When I have the money…

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I was at 915 MB free at one point.

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