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It being quite common to use umbrellas as protection against rain, why is their use against sunlight and snowfall unheard of?

Asked by ragingloli (51265points) November 2nd, 2017
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Both seem to be reasonable applications for the existing tool.

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I see them in use in sunny weather every single day. I can look out my office window right now and see some. 100% guaranteed. They are even sold with a UV reflective material on the top.

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Snow mostly brushes off you onto the ground.

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Where I live in California, it’s not uncommon to see umbrellas used as parasols on sunny days. And then, of course, there are parasols—not common here, but hardly a novel idea.

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Parasols used to be quite common.

Snow doesn’t make you wet, really. However, I don’t mind getting wet.

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I see people use them for shade and protection from sun all the time.

They are generally not strong enough for snow, which will accumulate on the umbrella. However, I have used an umbrella in snow.

By the way, umbrella is derived from “umbra”, menaing shade.

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In Japan it is common to see umbrellas used to block sunlight.

Umbrellas are not popular here – even for rain. I don’t really understand it.

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Don’t see many around here either. Mostly used by old ladies who spend hours a week at the hair dressers.

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Yes. It is called a parasol.^lol I didn’t read the answers.

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People use umbrellas on beaches. Most patio tables have hole in the middle for a large umbrella.

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If it isn’t windy I will use an umbrella in moderate to heavy snow, it helps a great deal with visibility, more than a hood or hat.
I would be walking and expect the snow will slough easily and not accumulate. Done it every winter a few times at least.

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If I go to the beach, there are many umbrellas in use.

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I’m in California. Umbrellas get used often here for sun. Especially for those of us who burn easily and have skin cancer in the family.

It almost never rains here.

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I sometimes use an umbrella in sleet or heavy snow. For sunny weather I prefer a hat and sunscreen.

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I’ve seen people use it for shade from the sun all the time.

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