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Would this be an interesting blog subject?

Asked by SergeantQueen (12840points) November 7th, 2017
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I’m looking into starting a blog, and I want it to be about cyber security. I would be discussing current viruses/malware/etc. I would talk a bit about the wikileaks things and sort of “break it down” so that people can understand it better and what it actually means. I would also be talking about ways to stay secure and other misc topics I find interesting.
I’m doing this to get some school credit, and because I think it would be an interesting thing to do. I am not just doing this for me, however, I am doing it in hopes that people will read it and it would be interesting.
Do you see a blog with this subject as having potential?

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Only if you are an expert in the field. If I am looking for information in cyber security, I want real answers and not just idle chatter about things that could be done and might work.

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The interesting-ness of a blog, at least as far as I’ve seen so far of the ones that I’ve read, has more to do with the quality of the writing (and the factual basis of information presented) than it does with the topic being written of.

I’ve read blogs on sailing, photography, fashion (in which I have nearly zero interest), knitting (in which I have absolutely no interest) and politics, among several others, and they were all interesting – even when I didn’t care about the topic much, or at all.

It’s worth writing even if no one reads it – as I keep telling myself about the responses I plug away with here day by day – even if it only improves the quality of the writing that you might do later in life that matters a great deal.

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Yeah, that was what I was just thinking about.
Making it more just educating on things that are going on, and not so much on how to prevent them, if that makes sense.
Like for the vault7 stuff, there isn’t much I can say on how to defend yourself against programs the CIA created, or malware created by expert hackers.

I kind of was thinking about focusing on like, “this is what a malware is, here are some current examples” and that’s it. It’s still educating people on the subject, just not telling how to protect themselves. Because I was thinking about this, I realize I can’t do much other than suggesting anti-virus and that is so pointless it’s better to not mention anything.

And I don’t expect this to get popular or anything of the sort. I think it would be cool if I got a few readers, but this is mainly for school credit so that’s my priority

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There is a lot too it. People have degrees and certifications like CISSP in this. Without credentials your blog fits neatly into “people talking about stuff without understanding or authority” no different than the rest of say 80% of the internet. What you can do is be a hub point and link a lot of the crucial, valid information on the subject.

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