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What would you think if you saw me wearing this walking my dog?

Asked by XiaoMandyX (165points) November 26th, 2017
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Just curious what people would think :)

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You would enter my eyes for 5 seconds then you would be completely erased from my memory afterward.

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Not bad..)

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Fine outfit if it was cold enough.

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Where’s the snow? would be my first question

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Cute dog! Oh, you mean the outfit. I wouldn’t note it if it was cold outside. In the summer I would wonder.

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Yeah it’s not cold enough for snow, but still pretty cold! Would that change your mind?

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If you lived in Atlanta Georgia, I’d say the temp was below 40* F.
They put on furry earmuffs and snowmobile gloves and boots at 42*.

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Lose the shades.

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I would think, “She’s bundled from head-to-toe, yet she didn’t put a winter coat on her short-haired dog. She doesn’t want to suffer in extremely cold weather but doesn’t seem to care about her animal’s comfort and well-being.”

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^^ There’s one in every crowd, isn’t there?

I think you’re wearing your ski clothes. Nice ones, too!

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If you’re dressed like that in August I might pay attention. In cold weather, you’re just another kid. Ten minutes after seeing you, I would be able to describe only the dog.

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That you may have access to a time machine and went back to the 80s to get that outfit. Right after that I would consider asking you if I could borrow it!

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I would think your getting ready for a day of skiing ,and you have to walk the dog before you go.

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If there was snow lying on the ground wearing this wouldn’t seem unusual.

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I would wonder if you had a bomb vest under the bulky outfit.

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I’d wonder if it was an anti-dog-slobber suit, and think it looks really warm if it’s not really cold out. Looks unusual but good on you.

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If you were here in Southern CA, I would think you were ill with a condition that makes you cold in 95 to 105 degree weather.

In an area where it’s appropriatly cold for winter, I would think you’ve got a nice color of pink (I love pink) and a very cute doggy : )

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In cold weather nothing at all. In my area I’d probably think you’re smoking crack.

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If you directed a smile like that in my direction, I wouldn’t notice anything else. For hours.

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