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What workout tops did men wear in 1995?

Asked by Romy8555 (50points) December 2nd, 2017
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I need to know

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Welcome to Fluther.

Men do not wear – have never worn – “workout tops”. However, tee-shirts, muscle-shirts (aka wife-beaters) and even form-fitting shirts of the UnderArmour variety have been popular since that time.

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Tank tops.

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A shirt?

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T-shirt or tank top…

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Sports Illustrated – Wayne Gretzky breaks quite the sweat in an aerobics class taught by Billy Blanks in 1995

I googled “1995 aerobics class”. I also tried things like “1995 runners world magazine” and “marathon training 1995”.

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Milk toast man? T-shirt. He man? Tank top.

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