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If you stood on the dwarf planet Ceres, (Assuming you didn't die) How well would you be able to see each planet with the naked eye?

Asked by Nevada83 (828points) December 3rd, 2017
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Would you be able to see features of Jupiter? Would you be able to see Saturn’s rings easily? What about Uranus and Neptune?

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About as well as you can see any other planet from earth.

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You would see many of the planets very clearly I would think as Ceres has no light pollution or atmosphere to distort the image. If the sun was in the right position I’m sure Venus, Earth, Mars and Jupiter would be clearly seen.

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Your eyes would explode.

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None. The sun would be on the far side of the planets. At that distance you would need light in your favor to see anything.

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Cerulean skies of Ceresian serenity and seclusion are out.

You’ve got the sun in the morning and the occasional planet at night.

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