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What are your furniture/wall/stuff painting successes?

Asked by Call_Me_Jay (13778points) December 17th, 2017
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I mean furniture/wall/stuff painting as opposed to painting pictures.

I’m fixing the porch windows in our building. They were neglected and the wood is in bad shape. Some of the windows are in OK condition and I clean and paint them. I make replacements for the others.

This isn’t a fine woodworking project, it’s just-good-enough because probably the porch and maybe the whole building will be replaced in a few years.

But dang, the windows sure look great after coats of primer and then paint. The paint makes a HUGE improvement.

I’ve also had a car re-painted with great results. It was like a new ride for just a few hundred bucks.

What satisfaction has paint given you?

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It is amazing the difference paint makes! I’m not in to painting furniture. I like the natural wood, so I’m into stripping. Furniture.
I’ve painted a lot of walls and just love the difference it makes.

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Stripping wood, that reminds me I have a set of chairs I rescued from the alley. Somebody abandoned the project after stripping 1.5 chairs out of 4.

I could paint them quickly and sell (for $100 maybe?) or make it a project and sell them for probably $200. It’s a close call. I like working with wood either way.

The time invested would otherwise be spent watching movies or typing on the Internet. So time is not a consideration.

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When I was in my late teens, and every now and then now, I painted some houses in downtown Charleston. It’s kind of cool to drive by, so many houses that I have painted, or done repairs on.

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I’ve spent a little time in Charleston and New Orleans. Those are places where you see really old wood covered with coats and coats of paint. New Orleans was where I learned to like thick oil-based black paint for stairs and trim and shutters.

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^LOL. Yeah. It’s very hard to change wood downtown. It is against the historical society’s code. Can’t even use a power sander. You have to hand scrape every damn inch….

We have to repair everything. It takes an act of congress, to do any real replacement of wood…

The Charleston peninsula, is in a constant state of repair.

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I devised a way to texture my bedroom walls before painting. I call it Cosmic Chaos. It looks SO good! And I’ll never do it again. When I finished the first room, I could only stand in the shower because my arms were so tired I couldn’t move them. (I had as much texture on me as on the walls.)

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@Call_Me_Jay I’d love to see some pics of those chairs!

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@Dutchess_III Here’s pics. I had forgotten about the detail on these chairs. I definitely will not be painting them, the wood is too nice.

Pic 01

Pic 02

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Aw @Call_Me_Jay just came up with a grey square with a minus sign in a white circle in the middle…

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Ahh, sorry, I rudely did not check to see if the links work. I think these are viewable. Let me know if not.

Pic 01

Pic 02

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Yes!! I got a table and a set of 4 chairs just like that all for $10 at a garage sale! I offloaded the table (it was in pretty bad condition) but kept the chairs.
No, I wouldn’t paint them. I have a friend who does furniture. Mostly she paints it and she is very, very talented, but she has a set of chairs like that that are stained a little darker, like Walnut, I’m guessing, and has a thick coat of laminate on them. They look really, really good. I’ll ask her what she did.

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