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Is there an easy way to move files from a Windows PC/Android handset onto an iPad?

Asked by jazzjeppe (2598points) January 2nd, 2018
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I can’t find a good solution to move files from my Windows computer onto my iPad (2). I am not so good at Apple and iTunes and those things and I can’t figure out how to do it. Would have been so much easier if I could plug in the USB into my PC and just move the files.

Help much appreciated!

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Here’s the link for this by Apple Support. I haven’t used iTunes but they look fairly simple to me. Check if that helps.

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Dropbox installs on Mac, Windows, iOS & Android. When you save a file to one device it’s available on all the others (signed in with same Dropbox account).

Dropbox,, Microsoft OneDrive, & Google Drive all do that. But Dropbox is the only one I have personally used on all four (Mac, Windows, iOS & Android). The others may do it, too, but I have not tried.

@imrainmaker I had no idea iTunes for Windows could do that, thanks for the tip!

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Running in to problems when connecting iPad to Windows using iTunes. Seems I can’t browse my computer’s files/drives. I remember this was a major annoyance last time I tried.

When it comes to cloud apps it seems that “I cannot download them” onto the iPad.

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Ah, think I got it now. Thanks!

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@Call_Me_Jay – You’re welcome!

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