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Winter storm Brody is beating the crap out of me and mine right now, how are the rest of you mid-Atlantic and North East Jellies coping?

Asked by canidmajor (20431points) January 4th, 2018
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It’s really honkin’ out there, snow blowing all over and accumulating on the ice layer, the likelihood of losing power is pretty high with these conditions. I’ll probably be on Fluther a lot today, no going out for me!
How goes it for the rest of you affected Jellies?

Cue all the people who decide they’re much too cool to heed the driving warnings…

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Lots of snow coming down in Boston today. I was able to arrange to work from home today, so luckily I don’t have to leave the house. Hopefully the power doesn’t go out though.

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Stay warm and safe, @Mariah! You’re in line for worse stuff than us, keep in touch…

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We have less than an inch, but it is freezing outside. I think that we will keep power.

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I saw that storm on the weather network, you people stay safe, and turn your heat up just a couple of degrees so if the power goes out your house will stay warmer a little longer.
I am sure glad all my trucking is on the west coast, you easterners sure get more than your share of bad weather in the winter.

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Thanks, @SQUEEKY2! I bumped my thermostat up a few degrees this morning, just in case…I feel positively sinful being so warm! :-D

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@canidmajor Until you get the electric or gas bill!

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@chyna at times like this you have to put up with the extra cost,better than freezing or broken water pipes.

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My logic, exactly! It’s a day of extra, hoping to prevent a bunch of expensive damage. And so worth it!

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Keep the heat up a bit and open your cupboards. Damn the expense.
We will get about a foot of snow by tomorrow morning. I’m ready!
I’ve got gasoline for both generators and the snowblower. Both cars are full and the batteries for my backup sump pump are fully charged.

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@LuckyGuy, I didn’t realize it had gone as far west as you! Are you getting some Kate effect mixed in?

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“Lake” effect!!!

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@canidmajor I like “Kate” effect!

I got a foot today and more in the drifts; lots of blowing but no power outages. I don’t think there will be ice because it is so cold and the wind has died down. The neighbor had a worker shovel him out so I did the same; I cope myself with up to 6 inches but this was too much, too cold and windy. Been quite a cozy day all around.

Well, I was shoveled out until the plow came by and now there’s over a foot of snow blocking the end of my driveway.

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Boston has actually flooded because of this. I’m fine where I am. Hope cookieman is alright.

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I’ve been worrying about you and Cookiman. I hope he checks in.
And Luckyguy, keep checking in with us when you can.

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I never worry about LuckyGuy. He’ll have that storm whipped into shape so fast its head will be spinning.

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Here (north of Boston), we were fine. The kids didn’t have school, and my office was closed. No power outages – the wind wasn’t that bad where we are.

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I have a relative that lives in Rochester and the storm hadn’t hit her yet and that was around 5pm her time when I phoned her but she said it was coming and coming strong.

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It is almost midnight. We are getting Lake effect snow. I live just south of Lake Ontario and the winds are coming in right off the lake from the north-west. That is mixing with the frigid air from Canada. It is 6 F now with winds in the 25 mph range.

No matter what happens I will be fine. If power goes out I just turn on the generator and light the, already loaded, wood burning stove in the living room.

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Power still on this morning. We’ll be fine. Freezing cold the next few days.

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I wish I lived in the same town as @LuckyGuy.
When stuff happens, I have to just sit, wait, and hope.

Oh, but I do have lots of different rechargable sources of light, and a nice stack of duvets.

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