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Does time seem to go slower for you when you are waiting for something you want to happen?

Asked by Nevada83 (833points) January 7th, 2018
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I’m moving in two months and getting rid of this job. I feel like it will seem to take forever to get there. Do any of you guys feel the same way about things like this?

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Yes, time moves slowly when anticipating something good that i going to happen, while stuck in the “old” life.

You can make the time seem to move quickly by making an exhaustive list of all the things you need to do before you move. Keep it out and keep adding to it.

Pretty soon you will be saying, “how in the hell am I going to get this done?”

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the watched pot

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Yes, indeed. It seems to be a common human experience. Mr. Rogers sang about it.

The paradox is that even though the awaited event seems to go by too fast, in hindsight it expands and seems bigger than everything around it. A two-week trip, for example, or a big night out, seems to be much larger and brighter in memory than the same amount of time before or after. I think that’s because it’s so much fuller that it seems three-dimensional, while the time around it seems flat.

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iktsuarpok – it’s an Inuit word that means “the feeling of anticipation, waiting for someone or something to arrive”

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