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Would a professional photographer get into the same trouble as Masterpiece Cakeshop?

Asked by josie (30934points) January 10th, 2018
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This question got me to thinking
The owner of Masterpiece Cakeshop offered to sell a gay couple a wedding cake. He simply refused their demand that he design it.

What if a professional photographer agreed to photograph a gay couple’s wedding, but refused their insistence that he take pictures of the first night of the honeymoon.

Should the photographer suffer the same fate?

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This is a lot more simple than people make it out to be.

Just don’t discriminate.

If you’re a photographer that offers “first night of honeymoon” photos (creepy), then you offer “first night of honeymoon” photos. Very simple. You don’t offer “first night of honeymoon photos – unless same-sex couples, non-Christian, etc”.

This shouldn’t be confusing or troubling to anyone.

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Probably. That being said, the ruling by the Supreme Court will set precedence on many of these moving forward. So either people will have the freedom to run their business as they see fit (with social and monetary repercussions) OR it will be ruled as discrimination and everyone will be forced to treat everyone as equals on the business level.

The Feds forced integration and it worked out (maybe?), and seems like medical mj may be another issue, so why not. We definately need government telling us what we can and can’t do right?

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Are you asking if the couple wants the photographer to take porn pictures of their first night?
Well, I think it’s different. That affects the photographer directly. It’s not like making a cake you’re never going to see again.

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Yes, that is what I am asking.

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Porn is illegal, isn’t it? I don’t even know! If it is, then the couple is asking him to break the law.

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A true professional would accept the job and do the work.

A political grandstander would act unprofessionally and turn the gay couple away.

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@Dutchess_III – if it’s consenting adults, porn is not illegal, as long as the participants are over 18.

Why do you think people take ‘home movies’?

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But they do it themselves (I assume.) That’s different. I would be so uncomfortable and grossed out watching two people have sex I just couldn’t do it.

OK, what if the photographer is female? Would she have the right to turn that down for her own safety?

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There was nothing in link about the dispute being over the design of the cake. The link stated flat out that the bakery refused to sell the couple a cake.

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I would flat out refuse to do any pictures where the client was naked. That’s gross. That would apply to a gay couple, straight couple, I don’t care. No naked pics.

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I am not sure why they’d get in trouble. If the reason is “I don’t want to photograph them having sex because that’s gross and is uncomfortable” that’s fine. If the reason is “they are gay” then yea they probably would get in the same amount of trouble. Although I’m pretty sure most people would check with the photography to make sure that they are ok with those types of pics before they even hired them sooo

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No. I doubt any professional photographer would be taking photos of any wedding night, so the question is pointless.

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Professional honeymoon photography is a thing? I can’t believe people would be into either end of that. It’s just wrong in multiple ways. No matter the type of couple.

For example, the stalker factor on the photographer’s end and if we’re talking to the extent of photographing the sex, that’s sexual predator territory.

The honeymoon is a sacred ritual, not a family vacation. It’s supposed to be private and intimate.

As for refusing photography services to a wedding for discriminatory reasons, just don’t. Respect all lifestyles and there won’t be any trouble. Or else pick a career that isn’t in the couples market.

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By “professional photographer”, I assume you mean “professional pornographer”, otherwise this is just another of your asinine comparisons.

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@ragingloli it just might be a thing @ragingloli. Bet we could find something if we googled.

It sure wouldn’t be MY thing, though.

I don’t think it’s an asinine comparison. He’s just asking what we would do if we were put in a situation that made us uncomfortable.

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