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Why not vote for the budget and DACA at the same time?

Asked by LostInParadise (29300points) January 21st, 2018
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On the face of it, the cause of the government shutdown seems pretty silly. The Democrats want to vote on DACA and then the budget and the Republicans want to first vote on the budget. Everyone claims to be in favor of both measures. Here is my solution. Have Congress vote simultaneously on both bills. Each senator and representative would cast two votes, one for DACA and one for the budget. Problem solved.

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Of course they could, but each side wants to make the other look bad, and if they take two individual votes, it is a greater opportunity to make the other party look bad.

This is all for scoring political points.

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They each want different things out of DACA and the budget.

The republicans could probably force through the changes they want on DACA, but they can’t force through the budget, which takes more votes.

So they’re holding DACA as their bargaining chip to get things they want in the budget.

And the Democrats are holding the budget to get concessions on DACA.

The public has decided compromise is the same as surrender, so this is what we’re left with; damaging, destructive, political theatre to an apathetic audience.

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Trump was offered funding on his wall in return for DACA Friday, and said no.

Meanwhile GOP won’t fund CHIP cleanly, but then holds it hostage for the rest of the budget.

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The dems have little leverage. The GOP is comfortable misrepresenting the truth to their base. Their base is comfortable being manipulated…

Nobody is held accountable for anything in DC…

It’s all really an obvious joke. That we pay these people to govern, and they can’t/won’t do their job. They have no term limits, can vote themselves raises, and showing up at meetings, or to vote is voluntary. They exist this way because the American people have enabled them. The congress that deliberately hamstrung the country for 8 years was largely reelected. The presidential election was tampered with. This is a clear example of democracy failing. Greed and corruption are rampant. The POTUS is working hard to rape the country, and divide it’s people. Communist China is trying to lift millions from poverty. Trump and the GOP are at war with the poor, and middle class…

A former jelly used to call for revolution. I used to attack him for that. Now, I find it more understandable by the hour. Our nation, our environment, our future, our health, our everything is being manipulated for the advantage of the uber wealthy, or destroyed. Instead of millions of people shaking the fence at the Whitehouse, we are arguing/debating on social media… I’m afraid that if Americans don’t wake up, this will get to a point of no return…

At this point, most Americans can say “me too,” as Trump and the GOP are balls deep in us. They won’t stop. Not as long as morality is their only obstacle

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