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If money was not a concern (you were rich) do you think you would gain lots of weight?

Asked by Kardamom (32679points) February 9th, 2018
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I live on a pretty strict budget, but you all know how much I enjoy food.

I’m also very health conscious, but I think if I suddenly came into money (like a winning lottery ticket or something like that) I would probably go a little crazy with all the yummy restaurants I could try, but I also think that with the extra money, I would be able to invest in a nice home gym set up and I would use it.

Right now, I exercise every day, but I don’t go to a gym (nor would I want to, even if I could afford to). I do plain old exercises like push ups and step aerobics (on my stairs) and things that need no equipment. But it would be nice to have some weight machines, or an eliptical trainer, or a treadmill, with a giant TV screen in front of it, so I could watch Property Brothers while working out.

What about you? If you could afford to be indulgent with food, do you think you would get fat?

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I think I might enjoy going on a cheese tasting trip : )

But then I might book a hiking trip.

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I don’t believe it would change how I eat. At this point we have the money to eat what ever we want, and I’m not over weight.

Also, I’d build a gym in my house and hire a private trainer.

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No, my weight is too important to me. Money is not a factor in what I eat.

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If money were no object I would be skinny. No job, plenty of time to workout. Personal trIainer dietician etc… Where do I sign up?

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I would gain so much weight they I could run for president of the colonies without them checking my birth certificate.

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Do you think all rich people are slim? Money was never the’s the efforts that you need to take to achieve that!!

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I think I would actually eat healthier, I would have enough money to have fresh fruits and vegetables to be delivered to my house.

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@imrainmaker It seems more like the OP thinks all rich people are fat.

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I don’t think so. I care far too much about my looks to let that happen. :)

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In olden times, like in the dark ages, it was a sign of prosperity if you were fat, because the rest of the world never had enough to eat.

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No, the opposite. I’d have more hours to spend at my health club and work out.

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Yes @janbb – I misread the bad!!

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I think the opposite. I could afford healthier ingredients, and a personal chef. I would have a big, nice personal gym. And I’d be burning lots of calories having sex with my harem. I’m already in decent shape, but money would make it easier to be in peak shape.

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I would definitely lose weight. A lot of cheap food is fattening and bad for you. You can get a lot of things cheaply that are carb loaded. Many people think poor people are fat because they are lazy, but often times it’s becuz they can only afford crap.

If I was rich I would hire a personal chef and have them make the yummiest healthy food they could. Healthy and delicious CAN be done with the right ingredients and the right skill.

And yes, I would also have my own personal gym i could work out in and not see anyone ever. I am a pretty private person.

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Nyet, I watch my diet and exercise to remain physically fit. I can presently easily afford all I want to eat.

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