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If you could get iPod Touch 2.0 Firmware for free, would you?

iPod Touch 2.0 firmware has brought to people what those of us using Jailbroken ipods have had since pretty much the beginning: The ability to customize the visual appearance of the iPod desktop, multiple desktops, access to a bulk of free applications and more.

When Apple first debuted the update, it was to be given to iPhone users for free, and sold to iPod Touch users for $20. Since then, that price has dropped to $10… but today? I did it for free, and that’s awesome.

It’s going to be experimental for now, I want to see if a 2.0 iPod could still stand to be jailbroken or not: There’s a lot of really nice applications out there that are user-made, and wouldn’t be allowed to be posted/accessed to the Apple App Shop, because they themselves didn’t pay Apple thousands of dollars for an official development kit. Games like rRootage, NOIZ, ScummVM, NES Emulators and more wouldn’t be accessible, that’s for sure.

But I wonder, if you could get the iPod Touch 2.0 firmware upgrade for free, would you? To pay for “increased limited functionality” seems redundant to me, but to be able to try it out and see if it is worth it or not seems a bit more attractive: And that’s why I’m doing it now.


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