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Could bigfoot be an alien from another planet?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24661points) April 21st, 2018
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That crashed in Earth? Is that one reason why we can’t find another? That they only crashed once or twice in 100 years? Was bigfoot a biologist doing research on humans and other life or could bigfoot be an escaped alien criminal? Make up some more suggestions. Humor and serous answers welcome in social.

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I really don’t think its possible for physical objects to travel between the stars, due to fuel and distance (amount of time involved to travel these distances)

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Think whatever fable fills your soul. Your explanation fails because there is no Bigfoot.

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Well, I don’t know what bigfoot is other than a rumor, a tourist attraction, a joke, etc.

But I do know some serious smart people who refer to sasquatch (or others) as star beings, and if you go out in the remote countryside late at night in some places and wait long enough you may hear some interesting cries in the night, and this person identified some of them as sasquatch, suggesting you may not be actually hearing them with your ears.

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Check This out if you’re really interested.

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In addition to what I said above, I tend to think of Bigfoot as something primitive, primal, and VERY in synch with nature.

I know there’s a lot more to U.F.O.s than metal craft and technology, and I know that both Sasquatch and U.F.O,s involve dark, starry nights, secrets in the woods, legends whispered around campfires, and that both Sasquatch and U.F.Os have some interdimensional science and some ghostly qualities. But Sasquatch definitely has earthly properties and not that technologically advanced.

Where they overlap (Sasquatch and U.F.O.s) may lie in the theories about ancient astronauts (the Annunaki) doing genetic experiments and breeding on humans, especially in ancient times—and their coming again, if they never really left.

Sasquatch could therefore be something they brought with them to breed with us, or we are something they selected out of them, or something they found here that they bred us from. Or both could be something of the “watcher” genre in Jewish mysticism or the Book of Enoch.

Avenues to explore on the internet about these topics include Annunaki, Book of Enoch, Watchers—in various combinations with Bigfoot and U.F.O.s

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That’s just as likely as that he’s somehow a primitive survivor from humanity’s youth, or the offspring of ape and man, or an extreme mutation, or a member of a remote and hidden tribe of upright primates.

And not quite as likely as that he’s a fiction of folklore.

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If you read the Bigfoot thread, you’ll notice that this hypothesis is the only possibility, in my opinion. I am not saying that I believe that, but that it is the only plausible explanation.

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I don’t believe in Bigfoot either. I believe in U.F.O’s but not in alien spacecraft visiting Earth. However, like ghost stories, they are great fodder for the imagination—as there is always the possibility that we are wrong —and they are fun to believe in when it all seems real on a long, dark night in an isolated area.

I don’t call it bullshit. It is legends and folklore, and resonates deep within us on a primal level.

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Both Bigfoot and ET visitors are amateurish hoaxes. Nobel Prize winner in Physics Edward M. Purcell showed that, “Interstellar travel is preposterous!” Astronomer Sebastian von Hoerner said the fuel demands for interstellar travel can never be met. Infinite regression is involved, and there can never be an infinite amount of fuel of any type. Yellowdog is correct. RedDeerGuy1 is wrong, He uses Magical Thinking.

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How can someone claim fuel demands can never be met, when they don’t even know the method of propulsion? Sounds like a not so smart person.

The effects of inertia, on the human body are probably the biggest obstacle. Speeding up psst light speed, and stopping, would make a mess of our fragile bodies. I do think propulsion is not a practical means of traversing the universe. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

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MrGrimm888 makes a fool of himself when he claims Sebastian von Hoerner is not a smart person. He is far smarter than you. You are the kindergarten child who is totally ignorant of the subject, and he is the professor with knowledge you will never have. He speaks of all possible propulsion methods and hypothetical methods that may never become reality. Infinite fuel is involved in them all. That is impossible to achieve. That includes hypothetical matter-antimatter reaction. How can you obtain an infinite amount of matter and antimatter and control their extreme reaction to propel a spaceship? You have no clue about the mathematics involved. Excessive acceleration and deceleration kills life forms. I did not mention that in my comment. You have only Magical Thinking and groundless speculation to use in your argument. The men I listed know far more than you ever will about this subject. The professors say interstellar travel is preposterous, while you the eternal kindergarten child does not realize that many things are impossible. You have no knowledge of the mathematics and science involved.

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^Manipulation of space,and time, will be our path to interstellar travel.

Interesting that I wasn’t insulting you, but you attacked me anyway. For someone who cries about personal attacks, you made yourself look pretty hypocritical. I was merely trying to converse logistics with you…

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