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What kind of top goes well with an orange and blue striped maxi skirt?

Asked by answerjill (6198points) April 23rd, 2018
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I probably should have thought of this before I bought the skirt! I’ve tried it with a black or a white shirt, but looking for other ideas.

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White is probably it. Whatever goes with orange will clash with blue, and vice versa.

That is why the Denver Broncos and the NY Mets clash with everything.

Or, you could go topless.

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With that color combination I would not introduce more color. I would try to nullify the hideousness of it with a white button down shirt.

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Can you post a picture? It’s hard to imagine it.

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Match the blue for a single color top.

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@janbb – I would, but not sure how!

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Do not listen to Tropical_Willie. It will be impossible to match the blue and you will look like a dumpster-fire.

White top. It is the only good option.

I have spent years putting color pallets together.

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White is always good.

Can you match the blue or orange?

It’s NY colors! Dutch colors. Maybe you can find a cute NY T if it’s a very casual skirt.

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White top.
Usually, if you have something that has patterns and/or multiple colors, you want to match it with a plain, solid color like white or black. Wearing too many patterns or colors looks tacky and awful.

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Maybe, maybe you could go for a super light pastel color of some sort? But that might be pushing it a bit. I’d really stick with white.

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I would go with a white or ivory peasant blouse.

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Really, try it.

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Wearing the skirt for the first time in a long time. It seems to play nicely with an off-white sweater.

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