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2018 has been deadlier for schoolchildren than service members. Should we start thanking students for their service?

Asked by Irukandji (4275points) May 19th, 2018
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More people have been killed at schools this year than have been killed while serving in the military. Obviously, we aren’t going to do anything to stem the tide of school shootings. So instead, should we reframe the issue by creating a national holiday dedicated to children who have lost their lives and thanking them for their service?

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I can’t believe that this is how sad our society has become, but this is reality now. School is the new battlefield.

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No, we should figure out how to change the mindset of people who think guns aren’t dangerous. And we need to figure out how to keep guns out of the hands of people who desire to kill school children.

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Maybe you should be training child soldiers starting in Kindergarten.

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There’s no point drawing attention to the victims, it will only encourage those out to set body count records.

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There needs to be stiff punishment for people who leave their guns lying about for others to get ahold of them.

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What I don’t understand is WHY so many children think shooting others is the answer to THEIR problem

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@LadyMarissa. I suspect that most of these killer kids are in some ways, simply imitating what has already happened.

They’re hurting, or angry, and they’re probably not thinking clearly, so it would not occur to them to walk into their doctor’s office and make an appointment to get help.

Likely, even if they thought of that idea, they might not have any health insurance, and even if they did, there is probably little or no mental health services available with their insurance, and what I have heard from some of my friends who need therapy (for other reasons) you can’t just walk in and get an appointment, and definitely not an immediate consultation. It could be months. By that time it’s too late.

Asking their parents often doesn’t work, as evidenced by some if the Qs on this site, where kids don’t feel comfortable talking to their parents, or the parents dismiss their concerns, or don’t “believe” in mental health practitioners.

Also, as we have seen in this most recent case, the parents don’t keep their guns locked up safely, and in this case, give their guns to their kids. In this case, I’d say the parent is an ignorant, idiot.

I don’t believe for a second that all, or even most, of the law abiding gun owners keep their guns unloaded, and locked up in a gun safe. Why? Because people say they want to use their guns on potential intruders. If the gun is un-loaded and locked up, they wouldn’t be useful to shoot an intruder. Lots of people say they store their guns safely, I believe most people do not, despite what they say. It just doesn’t make logical sense. If I was trying to fight a fire in my house, I wouldn’t keep the fire extinguisher empty and locked up. By the time it was filled and unlocked from the closet, it would be too late.

Plus guns are exciting and “sexy”. Just look at the glorification of gun violence on TV, movies, video games, and pop music.

If you are a mixed up kid, maybe picked on or bullied at school, with no family support, no knoweledge of how the health system (if you have one) works, and you have easy access to guns, it will be pretty desirable, and easy, to go out “in a blaze of glory” while at the same time “getting even”.

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No. It would be discriminatory because of all of the other people who get killed in various ways. Might just as well thank everyone for their service because no one knows when the angel of death will come to call.

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If it had been a Muslim terrorist killing these kids would the families be getting money and a holiday from the government? I wonder if the Oklahoma City families received money from the fed? The twin towers families did. These school shooting technically aren’t terrorist actions I guess, but they are happening on state government property most of the time.

I’m curious to know what this TX town is going to say about gun control. I’m guessing not much, but I haven’t watched much coverage.

How was the gunman stopped?

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@JLeslie I do my best to watch as little coverage of stories like this one so I didn’t know the answer to your question. I had to go back & revisit the story to find you an answer. Turns out the school had 2 resource officers on duty & they confronted the shooter. I think I had read when it first happened that he had meant to commit suicide but he didn’t have it in him to murder himself. I just can’t wrap my head around the thought process where somebody decides to commit suicide & then decides to kill everyone who has hurt them first. In my mind, the suicide would ruin their fun.because I’d no longer be around to bully. Actually, I don’t work that hard at understanding their thought process because I don’t want my brain thinking like theirs.

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@Kardamom What you’re saying makes sense. I know I grew up in a simpler time but I was bullied from the time I was 11 until I graduated high school & moved away. My dad’s idea of safely storing his guns was to sit them against the corner of a closet with the door closed. Never once did I even consider taking one of his guns & killing those bullying me.

When I got married, my husband’s idea of having fun was to beat me daily whether I needed it or not. He slept with a gun under his pillow assuming that I would try to kill him. In all honesty, I did think about killing him; however, my next thought was “he’s not worth going to jail for…so get a better idea!”

I worry about our youth; but, I don’t have a better idea on how to get through to them.

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Gear up America. The gun genie is clearly out of the bottle, and the affinity that kids, psychopaths, the overwrought and deranged (and apparently everyone else) all share for the “magic” will not be diminished nor effectively controlled as long as the numbers of weapons remain astronomical and continue to grow. It’s such an obvious fact that we should stop wringing our hands and recognize that the great experiment is underway to determine just how high a price we are willing to pay to tolerate the modern interpretation of the 2nd amendment. The shootings are going to continue to climb and grow ever more frequent, and the only REAL question is whether or not there can realistically be an upper limit?

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Dog Shoots Owner. Enough said!!!

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@LadyMarissa They say that men get angry, turning their hurt out towards others, and women get depressed., turning their hurt in on themselves. A generalization, of course both can experience both. The person who lashes out might be homicidal, while the depressed person would be suicidal. It probably explains partly why men more often are mass shooters than women.

Sorry you had such an abusive husband. I’m glad you got out.

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Me too!!!

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