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Does anyone else here in Fluther love Bollywood movies too?

Asked by Tantigirl (1709points) August 17th, 2008
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I love them, can’t get enough of them. You could say I’m shamelessly addicted to them. How about you?

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Nah. They make money, and if offered to work on one, I would, but nah. I’d say Bollywood films today are where American films were in the “golden years”: Every excuse for blindingly bright and shiny costumes/song and dance numbers, they have them.

Which is cool, y’know? But you look at countries that’ve gone a bit further on the “evolutionary scale”... countries like Yugoslavia, Japan, Russia, China, Korea, Spain, Italy and so on and you’ll see some movies that America has yet to “touch” in terms of cinematic finesse and story.

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Derivative and remind me of musicals-made into movies…so, nope.

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I like them, but I suspect with repetition the thrill would wear off quickly.

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I can’t think of a funny way to say how much I hate them.

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Hate Them. if you want to see some good foreign films, I would recommend french films instead

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I don’t watch them when I want to see something deep and meaningful. I watch them for the sheer entertainment value.

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Yikes look at all these Bollywood haters. i absolutely love them. It’s true I can predict the ending for most of them, but like you said, they are what i perceive a complete entertainment package. and the good music only adds to it. the ones that released this year have been kinda disappointing though :(

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@PnL – Yes they have been disappointing, I’m waiting for some good ones to be released. In the meantime, I’ll pop in a DVD when I need my Bollywood fix. ;)

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