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I'm sorry for troubling you all at this late hour, but here I am, naked on the toilet as usual typing up a question about puppy dogs: Why do they sometimes "pounce" and bark at particular types of dog treats?

Yes. It’s a true story. Typically my best puppy, T-Bone (Which I have previously said stands for “The Bone”, or could be spelled as “Tiboan”, as is written on his Gold Discover Card) has been raised up with Meaty Bone dog biscuits: Nothing makes him happier than getting one of those crunchy pieces!

However, lately my mother (at her home) got a little puppy dog named Teddy that didn’t work out, and so she gave me the little fluffball’s “Bone Marrow” dog biscuits. They’re from the same company I think, but when I gave The Bone one of them, he took it out into the grass and pounced at it a couple of times before eating it.

I noticed he’ll do this with any new snack he’s excited about: Hickory Bones, Soup Bones, Grilled Chicken (Breasts, no bones) and more.

Sometimes he’ll bark at them too. Has anyone else seen these habits from their sweet puppies? Speculation on why this occurs?

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