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Do you think someone really did find a Bigfoot?

Asked by mrjadkins (1256points) August 17th, 2008
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USA Today reports that two hunters found a Bigfoot while hunting. There are even pics of it in the paper. Do you think this is possible that there is a Bigfoot out there and has been for years? If the Bigfoot is proven, do you then start believing the Enquirer or the Weekly World News?

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No, did you see it? It looks so fakey! Also, their plans to move on to other mysteries makes this find sort of suspect.

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No. The frozen body “disappeared” from their freezer.

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do I believe in Bigfoot? Sure, why not. Did they have one? Nope.

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I don’t know why those assholes got attention for that shit.

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the picture I saw looks like he is wearing a cowboy hat. Not to mention it was from a film from 1977.

I imagine the frozen remains will be stolen before we “see” them.

I, however, still have the leprechaun I found in my freezer. Gold, my ass.

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Don’t you mean frizzer?

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This should answer your question once and for all.

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That’s funny!

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The guy did a book all about bigfoot, with a foreword by Nessie. It’s really funny. My friend showed me yesterday.

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simone54— yes I did mean frizzer, for my freezer was already full of most of Batboy.

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