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Do motorized wheelchairs need insurance and do the users need a drivers licence where you live?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (20366points) June 23rd, 2018
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Just wondering for different jurisdictions? Can motorized wheelchairs go on the road , and not just the sidewalk? In Ontario, Canada they have this website. Is the law different where you live?

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NO, they’re not treated like automobiles…more like bicycles so no insurance, no drivers license & no tags. They are also not supposed to be used in the roadway…but are supposed to be used on the sidewalks without running over anyone. The ones I’ve seen do have a horn on it for those just in case moments. Don’t think I’ve heard of anybody here being run over by an electric wheelchair either!!!

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Where I live on the golf cart paths, golf carts are legally allowed to drive up to 20 MPH. They do not need to register the golf cart with the state like a car, they don’t need a drivers license, and they don’t have to insure it. If you want to put the cart on the roads you need to get plates and insurance, except for our town squares and the parking lots at the commercial centers within my city. There the golf carts can drive with the cars legally without any motor vehicle requirements.

My guess is motorized wheelchairs can use the golf cart paths. I’m not 100% sure, but that’s my guess. We can walk and ride bikes on the paths too. It’s better to walk on the sidewalks, but some parts of town doesn’t have sidewalks.

Throughout my city golf carts can get everywhere, all location in the city limits are golf cart accessible, so I guess they are likely wheel chair accessible.

Most cities are not set up like mine though. The laws vary by state somewhat too.

Pretty much they can’t use the streets like regular traffic, just parking lots would be the exception, and crossing a street like a pedestrian.

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