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Have you ever scored on your own net in any sport?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (23804points) July 10th, 2018
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I did twice in indoor soccer and once in floor hockey . I’ve never scored in soccer, baseball, or floor hockey. Only in basketball did I score.

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I’m not into any sport; so nope, never had the opportunity but it does sound like something I’d do!!!

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Oh. No. But I played volley ball so it wasn’t confusing.

I dated a jock once who was in a men’s basketball league. I went to watch him play once…he was super disgusted with himself because he accidentally passed the ball to a ref!” LOLLL!

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@Dutchess_III Ohh I was good at volleyball. Quit because my arms hurt. I did do well in rapier fighting. I won one tournament.

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I got past first base on the first date with Annette one time, guess you could say I “scored”

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All the time in air hockey and foosball, and probably in grade school soccer, as well.

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Well, air hockey and foosball would be accidents, unlike soccer or football or basket ball.
My favorite foosball accident was to slap it in my goal and the ball would travel clear through the table and come out my opponents goal. :D

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Accidental goals in soccer are pretty possible as a defender or goalie. That’s what I was imagining when I said I probably did it in grade school (informal) soccer games. I almost always played defense, and I seem to recall trying to defend the goal by trying to intercept the ball and having it end up going into the goal. I’ve certainly seen it happen and remember being concerned about that happening.

Oh, probably in non-ice floor hockey, too.

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