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Is it a conflict of interest to take someone to the polls who is going to vote differently than you are?

Asked by Yellowdog (12208points) July 28th, 2018
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Their vote will cancel out yours. Yours will cancel theirs

Why not just agree to stay home and watch Its a Mad Mad Mad World and eat pizza?

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Why not just stay home? Because then you count as two don’t-cares instead of two who have a stake in our democracy and its processes. In the end I think it’s the don’t-cares who are going to do us collectively the most harm.

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Nope. Utilize the drive to sell the “product”.

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It’s a secret ballot. No matter what anybody says, in the moment is what matters.
@Jeruba is exactly right.

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Yeah, if they are going to vote opposite me, their vote will cancel mine out. But it is never a conflict of interest to get honest voters to the polls. Of course, they need to be legal voters.

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Are we all agreeing on a question regarding politics? Cool.
I think it is a fine thing for someone to drive to the polls an individual who might not be able to get there otherwise.
One more time, to echo what has been mentioned, you never really know how a vote is going to go. Even if you do, helping a fellow citizen is a good thing.

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Would it be a conflict if you left them at the poll with no way to get home?

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Of course not! How they vote is none of your business.

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Probably best for the elected people to know that we actually care.

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Cancel out each other’s votes? With so many choices? Is that possible??

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If I were a voter, I wouldn’t mind giving a ride to another voter. My state has been red, since forever. I can’t judge all my local people because they probably vote R. Although I will say that they are responsible for all the bad things in life…

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Such crass apathy stunts progress.

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