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What is that one thing you love doing but will never be good at?

Asked by mazingerz88 (26689points) August 4th, 2018
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Cooking like a chef or writing a novel like Hemingway, what is that thing you just love and are happy doing just because?

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Understanding Women..)

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I will never be as good a musician as I want to be.

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Hiring staff, yes, I blame myself for the sunbsequent firings…silly I know.

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writing stories, not being awkward

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I love fishing. If I’m using live bait, I’m above average.

I have always had problems killing things, even insects. It had become very hard for me to grab a cricket, or fiddler, and impale them with a hook, and throw their tortured bodies in the water to be eaten…

So… I have been using plastic, or fake baits. I’ve tried almost every brand, and type. I barely have gotten even a bite in a couple years, on plastic. I don’t want to go back to killing dozens of little creatures, so I guess I just won’t catch many fish anymore….

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maybe drinking.

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I am mean… Talking to people as a game I can play.

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