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Do you throw out the garbage everyday or only when it is full?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (23831points) August 8th, 2018
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At work, in restaurants, or at home? Do you try to minimize the bags you use, or do you toss as soon, or before, it starts smelling? Or when you feel like it?

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Our trash is picked up twice a week, and our recycle once a week. Usually, I have one bag of trash for each pick up twice a week. My recycle doesn’t go out every week, but pribablybits 3 times a month.

I try to limit the trash bag use, but once in a while the trash bag isn’t as full as it could be.

If I have a small amount of trash that doesn’t fit I’ll put it in a small plastic bag from the supermarket. This very rarely happens though.

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When it’s full. To empty every day or every other day is wasteful of whatever I use to line the trashcan.

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In my house, the trash is dry and the garbage is wet. I throw the trash out when it’s full and when I throw out the garbage depends on if it’s starting to stink or not.

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If I toss meat in the garbage can I will just toss it into the dumpster right away. I rarely throw away meat because I don’t eat it that often.

But it isn’t like it is hard to fill the garbage can if I want. Between bathroom and bedroom stuff it is easy to fill the can. And I use paper bags from grocery shopping for the garbage in my kitchen. So it isn’t like I am using plastic bags.

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I take it out every evening. The county picks up twice per week.

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When full or when getting smelly.

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I have indoor pets and I often cook with fresh ingredients so you can imagine how those thing will smell if left for more than 24 hours. Even if my trash cans have lids on them I wouldn’t want to open something will suddenly blow me with a gust of nauseating stench due to me leaving them there for too long. Luckilly we have a maid here so we generally don’t have to take out the trash ourselves everyday.

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I do try to cook fresh seafood or fresh chicken the day before the trash goes out to avoid a bad trash smell.

When I lived in my last apartment trash was picked up 5 days a week, it was great. Other apartments and condos I’ve lived in had trash shoots, and you could throw out trash every day. Also, great.

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Only when it’s full. Since I started recycling I only have to take the trash out once a week. I empty the inside recycling bin about once a week, too.

@Unofficial_Member, we have trash diggin’ dogs too. When I throw foods that they may find interesting away, I double bag it in plastic grocery bags.

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Only when full, or there’s something particularly offensive in it.

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@Dutchess_III I am almost too ashamed to say this but the reason I mentioned pets is because when they poop I’ll scoop up the poop and simply throw it in to trash can (not even a single bagging) since the trash can is already covered with plastic bag anyway. You can imagine that the smell will be too much to endure especially after you left it for more than one day. I am not worrying about trash digging pets as mine have lids that can only be opened by pushing certain button on the trash can.

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Well, I do the same but again, I bag it! I can’t even imagine the smell after a couple of days if it wasn’t bagged!

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Since I eat out almost every day, I have very little “garbage. Most of mine is “trash” as in cardboard boxes, cereal boxes, cat food cans ( thoroughly rinsed before tossing) & junk mail. Most of that doesn’t have an odor. I put my can on the curb around midnight Tuesday night & it’s picked up around 5:00am on Wednesday morning. On Wednesdays I eat at one specific restaurant because they make better Spaghetti than I do & there’s NO garbage from there. IF I cook anything between Thursday & Tuesday, I rinse out the cans really well in order to minimize any odors & toss them in the bag. I’m seldom home on Saturdays so there’s very little trash or garbage on Saturdays. Sunday thru Tuesday I don’t generate much garbage & the trash fills the bag maybe ¾ full.

I find it easier to rinse any possible garbage & tossing it in the same bag rather than attempt to clean a stinking 55 gal garbage can which is difficult at best for me to clean out. With the heat here in the summer, the outdoor can can smell pretty ripe really fast. & I toss the inside air conditioned bag into the outdoor can on Tuesday night & nothing sits in it for much more than 5 hours.

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(I don’t clean my outdoor garbage cans….)

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It is sort of like cleaning your desk before you leave, or making your bed, or washing the dishes and putting them away.
It completes the task.
Plus it puts the rotting food someplace other than where you hang out.

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How big is your trash can @josie? And is it full when you pull the sack out?

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It is about 15” wide, 9” deep, about 22” tall ( 3 or 4” above my knee)
Unless I am cooking a lot or cleaning up the place, it is rarely full.

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Do you line it with a plastic trash bag?

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For my indoor garbage liner I use a set of doubled, 16“x12“x7” paper grocery bags, which receive dry trash. It takes about 2 months to fill those bags, which is when I put them outside into a 30-gallon receptacle.

It takes about 4–6 months to fill the 30g receptacle, which is when I put it to the curb for collection. I don’t put it out more frequently, because the collection process subjects the receptacle to considerable material stress. Also, that reduces the chances that I’ll have to deal with dog waste that someone has put in it.

I put my food garbage in a separate receptacle, which I toss daily in a remote, heavily vegetated corner of my back yard.

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