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Do you have a standard password for online activities?

Asked by josie (30931points) August 12th, 2018
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Or do you have a different one for each and every site.

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I do have a standard password that I try to use everywhere, but I can’t always use it because some websites require a longer password or one with more special characters.

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Different one for each site.

johns-iMac:bin johnpowell$ openssl rand -base64 40

I keep a text file on my desktop of passwords.

Which might seem amazingly insecure. But really. Firefox stores all the passwords in my profile so if you can nab my password file you could also grab my Firefox profile. Once physical access is compromised the game is over.

I am more careful with my phone. I never log into email or banking stuff with my phone.

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Neither. I have a few apathetic passwords for annoying sites that I just want access to where I don’t care about the security of my accounts. Often though the passwords end up being unique.

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